What’s Your Elemental Composition?

You might feel connected to the elements, but what's your true elemental composition? Are you more air, water, fire, or earth? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out who you really are. You might just find the answers you've been looking for!

Question 1/10
How important is love?
It's very important.
It's somewhat important.
It's not that important right now.

Question 2/10
Do you ever find it difficult to relate to others?

Question 3/10
Do you prefer doughnuts, scones, or cupcakes?
None of these

Question 4/10
Do you consider yourself ambitious?
Definitely, I'm a go getter!
At times, but it hits me in waves.
Nope, not at all.

Question 5/10
How would you feel about spending an entire week by yourself?
To be honest, I would love that!
It'd be peaceful and nice.
It'd get lonely pretty fast.
I would hate that!

Question 6/10
Would you rather...
Live on a houseboat.
Live in a treehouse.
Live in a penthouse.
Live on a farm.

Question 7/10
What's your social media site of choice?

Question 8/10
Would you rather...
Know how you're going to die.
Know when you're going to die.

Question 9/10
How do you feel about your birthday?
I love it, I celebrate it all week!
It's okay, it's just a birthday.
I hate it, another year down.

Question 10/10
Do you believe that there is something bigger than mankind?
Yes, I have great faith in the possibilities!
Nope, I think this is it.
Possibly, I'm on the fence.
Your elemental composition is mostly comprised of earth! You're grounded, steadfast, and typically very set in your ways. You don't care for change and tend to stick to your own ideals and world views. Others love you because you're as loyal and dependable as they come!

Your elemental composition is mostly comprised of water! You're fluid and imaginative with a "goes with the flow" kind of attitude. You don't get easily stressed and tend to be a source of calm in the lives of all those you know. Much like water, you're always moving and never standing still!

Your elemental composition is mostly comprised of fire! You've got a passionate soul and a bit of a temper. Sometimes you just can't help but jump into something head first, even when your head says it's not a great idea. You follow your heart in every situation, especially when it comes to love, work, or adventure!

Your elemental composition is mostly comprised of air! You're light and free in every way. Like a feather floating through the air, you don't tend to worry about how things will turn out or what might happen next. You go through life's ups and downs with the ease and wisdom of someone twice your age!