What’s Your Family’s Personality?

Each family has its own dynamic and amazing personality. Do you know what your family's personality is? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Which vacation would you most like to take?
A trip to Disney World
A nice long cruise
Camping at a national park
A trip to Washington DC
A European vacation

Question 2/10
When it comes to household chores, what's your motto?
Procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate
Divide and conquer
Have fun
Know your role

Question 3/10
What does your ideal family weekend look like?
Visiting an art gallery
Grilling a delicious meal and hanging out in the backyard
Playing board games and laughing all night
Playing kickball in the park
Playing video games as a family

Question 4/10
When you treat your family to takeout, what are you usually chowing down on?
Hoagies or sandwiches
I always cook at home

Question 5/10
If you all showed up embarrassingly late to an event, how would most of your family members handle the situation?
Try to slip in unnoticed
Laugh it off
Apologize to the host
Lie as to how you get held up
Bring a peace offering

Question 6/10
What hobby does your family most enjoy?
Doing hilarious impersonations
Star gazing

Question 7/10
Which film would your family most enjoy watching together?
Big Hero 6
Mary Poppins
Sand Lot
Toy Story

Question 8/10
If stranded on a desert island, what could your family not live without?
Cell phones
Running shoes

Question 9/10
How often do you allow your family to have cell phones at the dinner table?
Whenever they want
On Friday Nights
Every now and then

Question 10/10
When you come into a little extra money, what does your family like to splurge on?
A fun dinner out
A fun day trip
A new accessory for a hobby
Your family's personality is fun and humorous! Your the family everyone envies. Not only can you guys make the best of any situation, but you always have a blast doing so. Your family understands that life is about having fun, living well, and taking everything in stride.

Fun and Humorous
Your family's personality is active and upbeat! Your a family that is always on the go. Between sporting events and family camping trips, there's not a lot of time spent lazing around. You guys like to be on the move as much as possible!

Active and Upbeat
Your family's personality is studious and shy! You are a very close knit intellectual family. You love to challenge one another through board games and card games; anything to get a little healthy competition going. Despite your competitiveness, your family shares a super tight bond that is truly awe inspiring.

Studious and Shy
Your family's personality is tech savvy! Your family is as tech savvy as they come. From smartphones to smart watches, you and your clan are always decked out int he latest technology. You use your gadgets to keep in touch, share photos, and make amazing family videos!

Tech Savvy
Your family's personality is outdoorsy and adventurous! Your the type of family who loves to be outside as much as possible, even if it's just swimming in the pool. You love to take family camping trips, go hiking on the weekends, and throw weekly barbecue parties. We think that's pretty amazing!

Outdoorsy and Adventurous