What’s Your Grandparenting Style?

Your parenting style and your grandparenting style are two very different things! Do you know which grandparent style you have? Take these 10 questions and find out what kind of grandparent you really are!

Question 1/10
What do you want your grandkids to call you?
Nana and Pop Pop
Grandma and Grandpa
Something fun like Yaya and Gpop
Gram and Pap
Anything really

Question 2/10
You're spending a rainy day with your grandkids. What are you most likely to do?
Bust out the Disney movie collection
Take everyone to a museum
Start a fun craft
Take a nap while they entertain themselves
Take them to the movies

Question 3/10
You notice your kids are making some parenting errors. Do you correct them?
Absolutely, they need all the help they can get!
No way, I let them figure it out for themselves.
I'd hint at a better way to do what they're doing.

Question 4/10
Your kids often criticize your grand parenting style as being too...
Old fashioned
My kids would never criticize me

Question 5/10
The grandkids are spending the night. What are you making for dinner?
I'm ordering pizza
Chicken fingers and macaroni & cheese
Something healthy and nutritious
I'd probably grill up some burgers
We're going out to eat

Question 6/10
What do you give as birthday presents?
A bagful of toys they asked for
Something educational like a butterfly catching kit
Something simple like Legos
A trip to the zoo or aquarium
Cold hard cash

Question 7/10
Are you tech savvy?
I'm very tech savvy
I'm somewhat tech savvy
I'm not tech savvy at all

Question 8/10
How do you discipline your grandkids?
I take away TV time or internet time
I put them in time out
I let their mom and dad dole out the punishments
I talk them down

Question 9/10
What are your hopes for your grandchildren in the future?
They they find true happiness
That they accomplish everything they set out to do
That they're good and moral people
That they take care of the earth
That they never forget where they came from

Question 10/10
When are you going to offer your babysitting services?
Whenever they need us!
When I'm not busy
When it's convenient
When I think they need a break
You're the warm and fuzzy grandparent! As a parent, you may have been a bit strict and played by the rules, but as a grandparent there are no rules. You're sentimental, sweet, and loving towards your grandkids at all time. In fact, spending time and making memories with your grand babies is your favorite thing in the world.

The Warm And Fuzzy Grandparent
You're the stern grandparent! You believe that it's your duty as a grandparent to help instill good values and a sense of direction in your grand kids. Though you may not let your grand kids get away with much, you still love them as much as a grandparent possibly can.

The Stern Grandparent
You're the super spoiling grandparent! Nothing gives you more joy than spoiling your grandkids rotten! Whether you're taking them to the museum or buying them presents, you love to go above and beyond the call of duty as a grandparent.

The Super Spoiling Grandparent
You're the helicopter grandparent! You love to make sure that your grandkids are growing up the right way and becoming good people. Sure, this means you have a tendency to hover and discipline, but it's all for a good reason. With your steady guidance, your grand kids will have good values and an even greater gratitude for everything they have in life!

The Helicopter Grandparent
You're the adventurer grandparent! Your tech savvy, on the go, and always willing to try new things. Part of having grand kids is making memories with them every step of the way. You're not afraid to go where you've never gone before in the name of fun!

The Adventurer Grandparent