What’s Your Greatest Strength As A Parent?

Every parent has different strengths that they bring to the job. Do you know what your greatest strength is as a parent? Let's find out once and for all. Take these 10 questions and discover your greatest parenting strength!

Question 1/10
Do you make yourself available to your children at all times?

Question 2/10
What do you encourage most in your children?
Self expression and creativity
Intelligence and drive
Kindness and compassion
Humbleness and morality
Patience and hard work

Question 3/10
How important is it to offer praise and admiration to your children?
It's extremely important
It's somewhat important
It's not important at all

Question 4/10
Have you ever given into your child's desires just to avoid an argument?
Maybe once

Question 5/10
What's the most important part of disciplining a child?
Providing guidelines
Sticking to your guns
Following through
Not being too harsh

Question 6/10
How often does your family sit down to dinner together?
Every night
Almost every night
A few nights a week

Question 7/10
Do you believe that babies require organic food to be healthy?

Question 8/10
How involved are you in your child's activities?
I'm usually volunterring at them
I'm usually sending things in for them
I'm typically not involved in them

Question 9/10
If your child only wanted to eat peanut butter sandwiches everyday, what would you do?
I'd only make them peanut butter andwiches
I'd start introducing some variety in the form of jam or other items with peanut butter
I'd tell them to eat what I make or not at all
I'd find creative ways to introduce new foods

Question 10/10
If your child won third place at the science fair, what would you do?
I'd praise them and congratulate them on a good job
I'd take them out to celebrate
I'd tell them to try harder to make first
I'd give some praise but tell them that working hard is what's important
Your greatest strength as a parent is the ability to stay grounded. When situations get intense, you can easily stop yourself, breath, and connect with your feelings. Instead of getting worked up and flying off the handle, you think about what's at hand and approach the situation with logic.

Staying Grounded
Your greatest strength as a parent is your empathy. Having the ability to see your kids issues and problems from their perspective is amazing. Not only does it allow you to give better advice, but it makes it much easier to understand why they feel the way they do and how it can be addressed.

You Are Highly Empathetic
Your greatest strength as a parent is your ability to structure. Structure is so important in a kid's life, even if at times they try and fight it. By knowing what to expect and their boundaries, your children will have an easier time navigating their day to day lives.

You Are Structured
Your greatest strength as a parent is your ability to inspire creativity! Inspiring creativity in kids is so important. Not only does it help them tap into their inner artists and build confidence, but it connects you to your children as well.

You Inspire Creativity
Your greatest strength as a parent is that you are extremely patient. Parenting takes a great deal of patient. Any Mom or Dad will tell you that. Unfortunately, not everyone is built to stay patient in tense situations or when times are tough. You can remain patient and calm in any situation, it's what makes you a balanced and fair parent.

You Are Extremely Patient