What’s Your Holiday Decorating Personality?

Everyone has a holiday decorating personality, but what's yours? Are you more traditional or are you off the wall? It's time to find out! Take these 10 questions and unveil your holiday decorating style!

Question 1/10
What do you use to wrap your holiday gifts?
Plain brown paper with a pretty bow.
Glittery or metallic paper with fun ribbon
Traditional wrapping paper with a bow.
I use gift bags.

Question 2/10
When shopping for holiday gifts, what's your shopping style?
I shop throughout the year.
I make many trips to various stores and boutiques.
I do all of my shopping online.
I try to get it all done on Black Friday.

Question 3/10
Santa would love some cookies. What are you putting on his plate?
Festive santa decorated sugar cookies.
All of the classics like chocolate chip and peanut butter.
Gingerbread cookies.
Black and white cookies.
Spritz or shortbread.

Question 4/10
It's holiday party time, what are you wearing?
My most festive Christmas sweater
A festive dress
My best flannel shirt
A chic skirt and sequins
A cable knit sweater and slacks

Question 5/10
What's on your mantel?
Fresh greens
A festive banner
Stockings of course
Candles and lights
I don't have a mantel

Question 6/10
What type of ornaments would we find on your tree?
Homemade ornaments
Family heirlooms
Vintage ornaments
Shatterproof balls
A classic mix of everything

Question 7/10
Do you use a real tree or an artificial tree?
I use a real tree
I use an artificial tree
It depends on the year

Question 8/10
What are you serving up as a holiday dessert?
A yule log
A red velvet cake
A blak forest cake
A cheesecake
An assortment of pies

Question 9/10
What's your favorite holiday drink?
Hot chocolate
Egg nog
Peppermint mocha latte
Hot spiced cider

Question 10/10
All of your gifts tend to be...
From the heart
One of a kind
Your holiday decorating personality is classic and traditional! You love a good old fashioned Christmas full of tinsel, garland, and all of the classic colors that make the season merry and bright. You believe in upholding the traditions of Christmases long long ago!

Your holiday decorating personality is rustic! You love to incorporate natural elements, wood, and rustic design to your holiday home. Whether it's pinecone ornaments or popcorn garland, you like to take an old fashioned approach to the Christmas season.

Your holiday decorating personality is eccentric! You love to spice up the holiday season with bold colors, bright lights, and lots of fun decorations. Not only do you believe that the holidays should be fun, but you think that Christmas decor should always put a smile on one's face!

Your holiday decorating personality is modern! You like to take a very modern and stylish approach to your holiday decorating. You almost always come up with a creative theme, which you then replicate all over the home. In the end, your holiday home almost always looks as if it could grace the centerfold of a magazine!

Your holiday decorating personality is cozy chic! You prefer the holiday season to be as warm and cozy as possible. You love traditional colors, cozy knits, and lush throws. For you, the holiday season is all about comfort and joy.

Cozy Chic