What’s Your Motivation In Life?

What helps you succeed?

Question 1/10
Is success incredibly important to you?
Of course
It's pretty important
It's not very important

Question 2/10
What's your biggest fear in life?
Not being acknowledged
Being chained down forever
Losing my family

Question 3/10
When do you plan to settle down in life?
My twenties
My late twenties/early thirties
Not anytime soon
I already have
I'm not sure

Question 4/10
How important is money to you?
Extremely important
Pretty important
Not very important

Question 5/10
Do you believe college is important?
Of course
It depends
Not really

Question 6/10
Is your health a big concern to you at the moment?
Yes it is
Not really
Not at all

Question 7/10
How do you usually feel when you see others doing well in life?
I'm not sure

Question 8/10
What's the most important part of having a job?
Loving it
Making a good income
The vacation of knowledge
The security
I'm not sure

Question 9/10
Which word best describes your life?

Question 10/10
Are you close with your family?
Very close
Not at all
Your motivation in life happens to be your family. You want to do good and provide them with a life that they deserve. Making your family happy is the biggest goal in your life.

Something that motivates you in life is knowing that one day you'll gain personal freedom! You want the freedom to express yourself and to be able to do what you want without worry.

Personal Freedom
Your health happens to be a pretty big motivator in your life. You want to be able to look after you health and live your life to the absolute fullest.

Your Health
When you see others succeeding, you can't help but be pushed to do better in life. You see them making progress in life and you want to be able to do the same thing.

The Success Of Others
Fear of failure happens to be one of your biggest motivators in life. You want to do well in life and it would absolutely crush you to do terribly in life. So you make sure to work hard in order to have a good life.

Fear Of Failure