What’s Your Old Soul Personality?

Ever been described by others as an old soul? Does it ever feel like you just don't fit into the modern age? With these 10 questions, we can determine your exact old soul personality! What really makes you an old soul? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
Have you ever been called an old soul?
Yes, many times.
A few times.
Not that I can remember.

Question 2/10
When it comes to solving a problem, what do you do?
I go with my gut instinct.
I look to the past for answers.
I ask for help.
I do my research.

Question 3/10
Do others often come to you for advice on life?
Yes, I'm always the one others seek out with a problem.
Yes, but only when it comes to romance.
Sometimes, but not on every topic.
No, but they do vent to me.

Question 4/10
Do you like to think things through?
No, I tend to make snap decisions.
I tend to overthink things.
I think everything through.
It depends on the situation.

Question 5/10
If your close friends were to choose one word to describe you, what would it be?

Question 6/10
What do you think of the world's problems?
They're confusing.
History has a way of repeating itself.
They'll lead to an awakening.
I miss the way things were.

Question 7/10
Would you take in a stray animal?
Yes, I often feel closer to animals than people.
For some time, but I'd find it a home.
Probably not.

Question 8/10
You're with someone you love when a wave of adoration hits you. What do you do?
Hug them and tell them how I feel.
Stare at them adoringly.
Try to make them laugh.
Keep it to myself.

Question 9/10
Where would you rather go on vacation?
Somewhere natural and quiet, like a cabin in the mountains.
Somewhere historic, like Rome.
A quiet beach.
A new and exciting place that I've never been before.

Question 10/10
What is your natural state?
You're a spiritual old soul! You feel you have a deep purpose and that you need to share your wisdom with the world. Your soul always carries a unique theme of simplicity and slowing down. It's important for you to remind others how sweet life can be and just how important it is to savor the small stuff.

The Spiritual Old Soul
You're an interconnected old soul! You're the type of old soul who is very individualistic, yet feel very interconnected to all people and things, both past and present. You feel like one thread that has been woven into the fabric of time, always present and always helping those around you to grow.

The Interconnected Old Soul
You're a nostalgic old soul! You often yearn for the past and the way things once were, even if you never experienced those things first hand. From an old song to a Hollywood classic, you truly wish you could transport back in time to moments long past.

The Nostalgic Old Soul
You're an awakened old soul! You remember you are more than just a human form walking around in your body. You realize your soul is deep and has transcended many years. This is not your first time around and it will likely not be your last. Because of this, you savor every moment as both your first and your last.

The Awakened Old Soul