What’s Your Royal Title?

Question 1/10
How do you take your afternoon tea?
With lemon
With milk
With cookies
With a bit of liquor
Just plain

Question 2/10
Castle life can be quite boring. What's keeping you entertained?
Hired musicians
Royal gossip
My many suitors
Walks in the garden

Question 3/10
What are your thoughts on commoners?
I love them!
They're rather uncouth.
They know how to have fun!
They're fine in small doses.
I appreciate them enough.

Question 4/10
You can't please all the people all the time no matter what. How do you deal with critics?
Prove them wrong.
Just keep doing my thing.
Ignore them, who has time?
Fight back.
I would threaten them.

Question 5/10
As it stands right now, do you ever find yourself in charge of groups of people?
Every now and then
All the time
Pretty much never

Question 6/10
Pick a royal past time:
Horseback riding
Dog breeding
Afternoon tea

Question 7/10
Would you rather marry into royalty or be born royal?
Marry into it
Be born into it
I'd take it either way!

Question 8/10
Are you known for having some epic parties?
Very much so.
Not really...
I like to attend parties instead.
Life's enough of a party for me!

Question 9/10
A good ruler is....

Question 10/10
What would be the best thing about being royal?
The private planes
The fancy clothes
The power to help others
Not having to work
All of the above
Your royal title would be 'countess!' A countess is a historical title of nobility that is generally of middling rank in the overall hierarchy of nobility. In other words, you'd be in the royal fold, without all of the pressure or responsibility that comes with being a queen or a duchess. As someone who is low key and not very fond of attention, a countess is the perfect title for you!

Your royal title would be 'duchess!' A duchess is a high ranking member of the royal family, often they have just as much power as a princess and their royal husbands who are dukes. These ladies tend to garner a lot of public attention for what they wear, do, and say in the public eye. It's not for everyone, but for someone like you, who loves the spotlight, it may be the perfect royal title!

Your royal title is 'lady!' While you may not hold the power of a duchess or queen, you certainly hold royal and societal rank. As a lady, you'll spend much of your time attending galas, dinner parties, and fundraisers. As someone who loves glamour and a good dinner party, this is the title for you!

Your royal title is 'princess!' This royal title comes with steep responsibility. Not only are you always in the public eye, but the public is watching every move you make. From what you eat to what you wear, all will be scrutinized! Luckily, you're a charming and down-to-earth woman who knows how to woo a crowd. You don't shy away from the spotlight, nor do you let a bit of pressure cause you to crack.

Move over, we've got a Queen in our midst! Your royal title could be nothing other than Queen. Powerful, confident and demanding. You live to lead and rule. You know exactly what you want in live and how to make it happen. Unlike some, you never cower in the face of pressure, scrutiny, or public criticism. If anyone could be a queen, it's you!

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The royals seem to have it all! Money, fame, and just the right amount of power. Let's not forget the always loyal staff as well! If you were royal, what would your title be? Are you deserving of top honors? Let's place a crown on your head and find your title today!