What’s Your Werewolf Name?

Question 1/10
For the most part, are you more or less hairy than most?
I'm more hairy.
I'm less hairy.
I'm about average.

Question 2/10
What type of jewelry are you most likely to wear?
I don't wear jewelry.

Question 3/10
In a dark alley, you'd be most afraid to bump into...
My ex
A vampire
A stranger
A stray cat
A stray dog

Question 4/10
When the moon isn't full, you're someone who is very...

Question 5/10
What do you do during a lunar eclipse?
Take pictures.
Stay inside.
Freak out.
Sleep through it.
I'm not sure...

Question 6/10
How would you describe your friends in one word?

Question 7/10
Do you tend to feel a lot of empathy towards others?
Absolutely, I'm very empathetic.
In some ways.
I'm kind of empathetic.
No, not really.

Question 8/10
When bad things happen to you, do you see them as a curse?
No, I just see them as bad luck.
Totally, I often feel cursed.
Every now and then.

Question 9/10
Romantically speaking, are you someone who enjoys dating?
Absolutely, I love it.
I don't remember, it's been so long.
No, not really.
It depends on the person.

Question 10/10
When things don't go your way, who or what do you blame?
Other people
My parents
The moon
Your werewolf name is Belvina! When the moon is full and the night is chilly, you become someone who is mysterious, dark, and hard to read. You suddenly cling to things you once abhorred! Most of the time, your werewolf self is quite introverted. Often preferring to stay home in the shadows than roaming in the night!

Your werewolf name is Valenthia! You might be the most dangerous type of werewolf there is- the charming wolf. You come across as someone who is authentic and passionate, yet you sometimes have ulterior motives. With charm and grace, you woo those around you and put them into a spell. It can only be broken at sunrise!

Your werewolf name is Pavel! When the moon is full, you become someone who is brave, strong, and totally unafraid. Even big challenges become small ant hills when you hit your wolf stride. Though you can be intimidating, people often look to you for guidance, wisdom, and a bit of grace!

Your werewolf name is flare! Fun, adventurous, and totally unafraid to try new things. Your wolf self lives life out loud without hesitation. You don't care about drawing attention to yourself, because you crave the spot light. Much like a flare of light, you're someone who is hard to ignore.

Your werewolf name is Hellen! You're the type of wolf who knows what she wants. You're grounded, practical and steadfast in every way. People see you as someone who is stable. You seem to have your life together in just about every way. Even when the moon is full and you feel like a good howl, you stay in, go to bed early and rise with wonder the next day.

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Under a full moon, we all have the potential to change! Some of us become more brazen or bold, others more mysterious. If you were to turn into a werewolf under the full moon, what would your name be? Would it reflect your personality perfectly? Let's find out!