Where Should You Book A One Way Ticket To?

Sometimes all you want to do is book a one way ticket to somewhere new. If you've been learning to leave your old life behind and start anew, then this is the quiz for you. Ready to find out where you should book a one way ticket to? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
What do you wish you could have right now?
A glass of wine
Five minutes of peace and quiet
A full bank account
A big bear hug
A nice walk in the woods

Question 2/10
Are you currently in a relationship?
Yes, I'm married or committed.
Yes, I'm dating.
No, I'm single.
It's complicated.

Question 3/10
What does your ideal evening involve?
A good book
A binge marathon of my favorite shows
A walk around the block
Dancing and drinks
A hot bath

Question 4/10
Are you an indoor or outdoor person?
I like being outdoors, but not in nature.
I prefer to stay indoors.
The more nature the better.
Nature and I get along when the weather is nice.

Question 5/10
What are you tired of talking about?
Reality shows

Question 6/10
How do you feel about crowds?
Can't stand them.
Don't mind them.
They're okay in small doses.
They're a lot of fun.

Question 7/10
How do you feel about cold weather?
I love it!
I want to escape it.
It's okay sometimes.
I loathe it.

Question 8/10
How do you plan out your day?
I make a strict schedule and stick to it.
I write a basic to-do list.
I add reminders to my phone.
I go from memory.
I just wing it.

Question 9/10
People tend to find you very...

Question 10/10
How likely is it that you will step outside of your comfort zone?
I love taking risks!
I'll take risks with friends.
I hate taking risks.
I'll only take very safe risks.
The hills are alive with the sound of......freedom! You should book a one way ticket to the country of Austria. You're looking for a place that's beautiful, exciting, and full of people who share your world view. You're tired of the way things are going where you live right now, maybe a new start will truly help you to revive your life!

Tired of the cold weather? In need of a bit more sun and fun? It's time to book that one way ticket to California. Right now, you're fed up with the four seasons, the rat race, and the people who just can't seem to take a chill pill. You want a more relaxed way of life and a bit of time to just stop and smell the roses. California is calling, will you answer?

Right now, you're pretty fed up with other people and feeling bound to social media or a cell phone every minute of the day. You seek freedom, peace, and a bit of solitude. You don't need other people to feel whole or happy, in fact, you'd be just fine with your spouse and just a pet or two. Head to Alaska and escape the lower 48. You'll thank us later!

Right now, you're life is feeling pretty dull and stagnant. There just doesn't seem to be any passion or excitement. What you need is a place full of vivacious energy, endless culture, and food so good you won't think twice. Spain is what you need to feel energized and renewed. Go ahead and book that ticket, you won't regret this trip of a lifetime!

Right now, you're craving a bit of simplicity in your life. You're tired of always feeling like a hamster on a wheel, working hard but getting nowhere. To you, perfection would be a quaint farmhouse, some animals to take care of, and close friends who truly understand you. Head to Vermont and find the life you've been looking for all along.