Which 1940s Lipstick Shade Are You?

Few eras have had an effect on beauty like the the 1940s has. These iconic lipstick shades have stood the test of time, gracing the lips of both starlets and regular gals alike. Do you know which iconic 1940s lipstick shade you're most like? It's time to find out! Pucker up and take this epic quiz.

Question 1/10
How would you describe your personal style?
Tomboy chic
Feminine and romantic
Classic and preppy
Sexy and flirtatious

Question 2/10
Which 1940s icon do you idolize most?
Judy Garland
Lana Turner
Lauren Bacall
Katherine Hepburn
Rita Hayworth

Question 3/10
What Does Your Ideal Saturday Night Entail?
A date with a handsome suitor
Movies and plenty of junk food
Dinner with friends
Hosting a dinner party
Clubbing with my pals

Question 4/10
Which beauty product is your personal must have?
Brow powder

Question 5/10
What do you wear to bed at night?
Flannel pajamas
A tank and shorts set
A satin slip
A nightgown
My birthday suit

Question 6/10
How do you take your coffee?
Cream and sugar
A splash of milk and artificial sweetner
With soy or almond milk
With just cream or just sugar

Question 7/10
When it comes to hair, which do you prefer?
Sleek and straight
A high ponytail
40's curls
A deep side part
A low bun

Question 8/10
Which 1940s man would you have wanted to impress?
Gene Kelly
Cary Grant
Clark Gable
Bing Crosby
Robert Mitchum

Question 9/10
What kind of scents do you prefer?
Gourmand scents
Earthy and natural
Bright and citrusy
Floral and feminine
Deep and musky

Question 10/10
Which throwback date would you most like to go on?
Local carnival
Drive in movie
Necking at an overlook
Local football game
Dinner and a show
The 1940s lipstick shade that is most like you is Revlon Raven Red! This iconic red shade was found on the lips of glamorous women for the bulk of this decade in time. Much like this shade, you are passionate, bold, and never willing to stand back and blend in.

Revlon Raven Red
The 1940s lipstick shade that you're most like is Tangee Natural! This lipstick shade may not have bore the bold audacity of a vibrant red, but it was demure, classy, and just enough color to impart an innocent flush. Much like this hue, you are all about refined beauty and classic charm.

Tangee Natural
The 1940s lipstick shade that you're most like is Max Factor Rose Red! Forget the bold fire engine reds and orange reds that populated the 40s, you're more like this demure rose shade. Though you possess a great deal of passion and confidence, you don't like your lipstick or style to speak volumes on who you are as a person. As an intelligent woman, you most want people to get to know who you really are on the inside first.

Max Factor Rose Red
The 1940s lipstick shade that you're most like is Revlon Honey Pink! This sweet hue imparts an innocence and grace that few lipstick shades can rival in the modern day. Why is this shade perfect for you? You possess a youthful innocence, a girlish charm, and a playful nature that makes you simply irresistible to all.

Revlon Honey Pink
The 1940s lipstick shade that best matches you is Revlon Icy Violet! This lipstick shade was not for the faint of heart nor the woman who wanted to blend in. You're a highly creative soul who loves to experiment with fashion, beauty, and accessories. You love to stand out and set trends rather than follow them.

Revlon Icy Violet