Which 1950s Beach Babe Will You Be This Summer?

Summer will soon be upon us! It's time to find out which 1950s beach babe you're going to channel this summer. Take this quiz and find out which 1950s beach gal you're destined to be.

Question 1/10
What type of swimwear do you wear at the beach?
A hot little bikini
A high waisted two piece
A sarong and singlet
A sporty one piece
It varies

Question 2/10
What kind of beach do you prefer to go on a hot summer's day?
The most popular one near me
Somewhere quiet and crowd free
Somewhere with a nice boardwalk
Anywhere the surf is good

Question 3/10
When it comes to tanning, what is your philosophy?
Start early and flip often
Get a base tan first
I don't tan I slather on the SPF
I use faux tanning products at home

Question 4/10
What might we find in your beach bag?
Portable speakers
Soda pop

Question 5/10
What do you consider the prime position on the beach to be?
The quiet end of the beach where there's space and tranquility
Right near the shoreline
Somewhere in the middle
Right next to the lifeguard's stand

Question 6/10
The best thing about the beach is...
The relaxation
The sunshine
The environment
The cute guys
All of the above

Question 7/10
What's your go-to beach snack?
A hot dog, burgers, or fries
Probably a salad or a sandwich
A candy bar or ice cream cone
Does alcohol count?

Question 8/10
If you were to take a book to the beach, what genre would it be?
Self help

Question 9/10
Would you ever enter a bikini contest?
I'd consider it

Question 10/10
If you saw someone in trouble in the surf, what would you do?
Try and get a better view of the lifeguard saving them
Immediately spring into action
Run to the lifeguard for help
Take matters into my own hands
Probably nothing
The 1950s beach babe that you're most like is Anette Funicello! You're all about having good clean fun without anything too scandalous going down. You like to spend your time on the beach hanging out with friends, having a bone fire, and enjoying some good music.

Annette Funicello
The 1950's beach babe that you're most like is Candy Johnson! Much like Ms. Johnson, you're all about having a good time and letting loose. For you, the beach means freedom. Freedom to wear what you want, say what you want, and have as much fun as possible!

Candy Johnson
The 1950's beach babe that you're most like is Jane Powell! Much like Ms. Powell you like a relaxing day at the beach spent reading or just watching the surf. You're not very much into the whole party scene and you're certainly not using your beach time to flirt with the locals.

Jane Powell
The 1950s beach babe that you're most like is Marilyn Monroe! Congratulations, you're a full blown beach babe. Not only do you use the beach as an opportunity to have all eyes on you at all times, but you love just laying out, tanning, and letting the time pass by.

Marilyn Monroe
The 1950s beach babe that you're most like is Ava Gardner! Much like Ms. Gardner, the beach is all about rest and relaxation. You're not one to spend time flirting or having a conversation, you're more into getting some well deserved R&R.

Ava Gardner