Which 1960s Teen Magazine Cover Should You Have Been On?

In the 1960s, teen magazines were a staple amongst anyone under the age of 18. They offered fashion advice, insight into music groups, and tips on dating . Most regarded them as teen bibles! Do you know which 1960s teen magazine cover you should have been on? It's time to find out! Take these 10 questions and reveal where you really belong.

Question 1/10
Which 1960s trend color would your bedroom have been?
Tiger Lily (burnt orange)
Powder blue
Olive green

Question 2/10
Pick a 1960s activity:
Drive-in movie
Going to a diner
High school football game
Listening to records

Question 3/10
What are you most interested in?

Question 4/10
Which 1960s hairstyle would you rock?
The flipped bob
The beehive
The pixie
The bombshell
The mop top

Question 5/10
Which band or artist would you play on repeat?
The Beach Boys
The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
Aretha Franklin
Bob Dylan

Question 6/10
What do you believe is your greatest strength?
My sense of humor
My eye for style
My inteligence
My compassion
My creativity

Question 7/10
What do you photograph most often?
My family
My friends
My food
My house

Question 8/10
Which 1960s trend would you have fully embraced?
Go-go boots
Cropped sweaters

Question 9/10
How would you most want others to perceive you?
As very trendy
As very insightful
As being very kind
As being very stylish
As being very charming

Question 10/10
Are you usually early or late?
I'm usually early
I'm usually late
It depends on the day
The 1960s teen magazine cover you should have been on is the iconic “Teen!” Teen was on the forefront of all things fashionable, trendy, and downright groovy. All of the most beautiful and charming teen models graced this magazine, typically wearing the most stylish outfits and hairdos of the day. As a trendy gal, you most certainly would have felt right at home on this magazine cover.

The 1960s teen magazine cover you should have been on is “Seventeen!” Much like this magazine, you approach life with a sweetness and naivety that charms everyone you meet. You’re cute as a button and always look put together, stylish, and feminine. You definitely could have graced this magazine cover!

The 1960s teen magazine cover you should have been on is none other than “Tiger Beat!” You’re outgoing, bold, and always looking to be the center of attention. You love to embrace fads in both music and clothing, always searching for the next big thing. With your big and optimistic personality, you truly could have made your mark on this magazine cover.

Tiger Beat
The 1960s magazine you could have been on the cover of is “Flair!” Much like this magazine you’re all about being splashy, trendy, and totally up to date on your fashion. You’re a fashion lover who loves to take chances and never shies away from standing apart from the crowd. You certainly could have made your mark on this magazine.

The 1960s magazine you could have been on the cover of is “16 Magazine!” Surely, we could’ve found your face cozied up right next to the Beatles. With your charm, intelligence, and overall style, chances are you would have been a 1960s “It” girl. You totally could have had your poster plastered on the walls of admiring teens everywhere.

16 Magazine