Which 1980s Pop Icon Should Be Your Best Friend?

Do you know which 1980s pop icon should actually be your best friend? It's time to find out! Take these 10 questions and discover which pop icon should actually be your best friend!

Question 1/10
Which 1980s fashion statement would you still rock today?
Spandex leggings
Shoulder pads
Big hair
Neon hair

Question 2/10
Which 80s band would you rock out to in the shower?
Duran Duran
Culture Club

Question 3/10
It’s 1985, and you’re a teenager, what would you be doing with your friends on a Friday night?
Hitting the mall
Going to a football game
Having a sleepover
Trying to find a party
Calling up boys

Question 4/10
What's your alcoholic vice?
Bud light
Jack Daniels

Question 5/10
If you were an 80’s pop star, what would your reputation be?
I'd be the weird one
I'd be the troublemaker
I'd be the fun one
I'd be the stylish one
I'd be the wasted one

Question 6/10
What's your ultimate life goal?
To be rich
To be famous
To be happy
To have a family
To make the world a better place

Question 7/10
Which pattern are you most likely to wear?
Polka dots

Question 8/10
Which John Hughes movie is your jam?
Pretty In Pink
The Breakfast Club
Sixteen Candles
Home Alone
Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Question 9/10
What season were you born in?

Question 10/10
If you were an ice cream flavor, you would be....
Rainbow sherbert
Mint chocolate chip
Rocky Road
Fudge ripple
Butter Pecan
The 1980s pop icon that should be your best friend is Cyndi Lauper! Much like Cyndi, you march to the beat of your own drummer. While you often get caught up in trends, you always make them your own rather than following them exactly to a T. You're eccentric, vibrant, and full of personality.

Cyndi Lauper
The 1980s pop icon that should be your best friend is Madonna! Much like Madonna, you're never comfortable being one way for too long. You live to try new things, change up your look, and evolve as a person. Much like this pop star, you're kind of a human chameleon!

The 1980s pop icon that should be your best friend is Pat Benatar! Much like Ms. Benatar, you're a rebel without a cause. You have a problem with authority and like to live life on your own terms. Sure, you'e a good person, but that doesn't mean you don't love to cause a little trouble every now and then!

Pat Benatar
The 1980s icon that should be your friend is Whitney Houston! You're a kind and compassionate person who loves to dole out advice and offer wisdom. Not only are you exactly the kind of friend Whitney needed, but you could learn a thing or two about being boldly and confidently yourself from her.

Whitney Houston
The 1980s pop icon that should be your best friend is Olivia Newton-John! Much like this 80's icon, you're as sweet as apple pie. Others love you for your cheerful nature, positive outlook, and general warmth towards all people. You and this icon could totally be best friends!

Olivia Newton-John