Which 60s Lady Are You?

The 1960s were known for producing some of the most powerful and iconic women of all time. Do you know which 60s lady you are most like? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
What do you usually like to converse about?
Does talking about myself count?
Whatever is going on in the world
Pop culture and style
How the other person is doing
I mostly listen rather than talk

Question 2/10
What type of person are you most attracted to?
Creative artist types
Intellectual types
Ambitious and driven people
Sensitive types
Strong and confident types

Question 3/10
Who is your style icon?
David Bowie
Grace Kelly
Janis Joplin
Jane Birkin
Pattie Boyd

Question 4/10
Which footwear are you most likely to wear on an average day?
Gladiator sandals
Ankle boots
Ballet flats or loafers
Birkenstocks or slides
Wedges or heels

Question 5/10
How do you typically style your hair?
Long and straight
In a nice up do
Wavy and loose
Short and styled
In a pixie cut

Question 6/10
On a typical day, how much time do you spend doing your makeup?
5-10 minutes
10-15 minutes
15-30 minutes
30 minutes plus
I don't wear makeup

Question 7/10
What accessory do you refuse to leave the house without?
Big round sunglasses
A pretty silk scarf
A floppy sunhat
A notebook
Backup eyeliner

Question 8/10
Which pattern do you like the best?
Polka dots
Zig zags
I don't like prints

Question 9/10
What color winter coat do you own?

Question 10/10
If you were an actress, which genre would you want to do?
The 60s lady you are most like is Audrey Hepburn! Like Ms. Hepburn you're a true classic with an irresistible wit and charm. While you're known amongst friends for your amazing fashion sense and sense of humor, you're also known for your charisma and good nature. No one will ever accuse you of being terse of uptight. You know how to have a good time and look good doing it!

Audrey Hepburn
The 60s lady you are most like is Twiggy! You're a true individual with a one of the kind sense of style and personality. While some might think you're a bit eccentric, we know that you like to think of yourself as totally creative and artistic. You hate to blend in and are always looking for new ways to set yourself apart from the crowed.

The 1960s lady that you're most like is Jane Fonda! Much like Ms. Fonda, you're intelligent, passionate, and socially savvy. While many of your friends dedicate their time to perfecting their look, you dedicate your time to making the world a better place. You are involved in many social causes and consider yourself to be a spokesperson and advocate for those who don't have a voice.

Jane Fonda
The 60s lady you are most like is Joan Baez! Much like Ms. Baez you are peaceful, calm, and totally dedicated to making the world a better place for all. You're very involved in volunteer activities and love to lend a hand to any cause you believe is worthy of your time. In your circle of friends, you're known as a gentle soul and a shoulder to cry on. You're always the first to offer help when a loved one is in need.

Joan Baez
The 60s lady you are most like is Edie Sedgwick! You're a true party girl who loves to be the center of attention. As an extrovert, you never feel more alive than when you're entertaining others and voicing your stories and opinions. You love to look put together at all times and never let yourself have an "off day" when it comes to style.

Edie Sedgwick