Which “A League Of Their Own” Character Are You?

"A League Of Their Own" proved that there wasn't anything a woman couldn't do! Do you know which iconic character from this film you have the most in common with? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Are you open to change?
Nope, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Sure, change can be good.
I'm open to whatever gets me where I need to be.
I'll try anything once.

Question 2/10
How tall are you?
I'm taller than average.
I'm average.
I'm on the short side.
It depends on my shoes.

Question 3/10
Which position would you want to play in baseball?
Third basement
First base

Question 4/10
How clean is your uniform?
Squeaky clean
It's pretty dirty
When was the last time I washed it?
It's okay right now.

Question 5/10
Pick a fruit:

Question 6/10
How would your friends describe you?

Question 7/10
When an argument gets really heated, you almost always....
Throw punches
Raise my voice
Walk away
Start hurling insults

Question 8/10
How do you feel about men?
They're overrated.
They're great!
They're okay sometimes.
They're fun to mess with.

Question 9/10
My fashion style can be described as...

Question 10/10
Who's the last person you talked to on the phone?
My spouse
My best friend
My kid
My parents
My boyfriend/girlfriend
You're most like Jimmy Dugan! Though your past may be colorful and a bit out of the box, you're learning to outrun your demons and leave the past behind you. You might not always think you have it in you to succeed and reach your goals, but you're just waiting for the right opportunity to shine. If you let go of the past and focus on the future, you'll find there's no standing in your way!

Jimmy Dugan
You're most like Marla Hooch! Sure, you may not be a real looker, but you're abilities make you as desirable as anyone else. Not only are you exceptionally talented at what you do, but with a bit of alcohol, and just the right outfit, there's truly no stopping you. No wonder you make friends so fast!

Marla Hooch
You're most like Dottie Hinson! You're the best of the best and part of you knows that well. You're strong, resilient, talented, and drop dead gorgeous. You're a loyal friend, a faithful partner, and a fearless leader. Others always look up to you and seek inspiration the choices you make each day!

Dottie Hinson
You're most like Kit Keller! Not only are you highly intelligent and strong, but you're a great talent who knows what you're capable of. You don't let the naysayers get you down. You follow your inner voice and go with your gut at every turn.

Kit Keller
You're most like Mae Mordabito! You're a frisky spitfire who always knows the right thing to say. You're a great friend and the type of person others always want around because it guarantees a good time will be had. While you'll settle down one day, you're not quite ready to let go of your wild ways just yet!

Mae Mordabito