Which Actor Should Be Your Sidekick When The Wold Ends?

Everyone needs a sidekick when the world seems to be crumbling into ash. The question is: which actor should be your side kick when the world is coming to an end? Are you ready to find out? Take these 10 questions and discover which actor could help you to survive the bitter end.

Question 1/10
Are you a lone wolf or a team player?
I'm a lone wolf
I'm a team player
It depends on the day

Question 2/10
Are you currently in a relationship?
It's complicated

Question 3/10
You have 10 minutes to evacuate your home, what are you grabbing?
My cellphone, iPad, and Laptop
A first aid kit, extra clothing, and food
Family photos, blankets, and my cell phone
Medical supplies, my pet, and clothing
My emergency to go bag, extra clothing, and sentimental items

Question 4/10
How would you fair in a fight?
Pretty poorly
I can hold my own
I would dominate
I would never engage in a fight
I'd be okay

Question 5/10
What old school skill do you still possess?
Reading physical maps
Bow and arrow
Food preservation
Shelter building

Question 6/10
Who in your family are you closest to?
My grandparents
My parents
My siblings
My aunts and uncles
I'm not close to anyone

Question 7/10
How do you handle extreme stress?
I meet it head on
I find logical solutions
I fall apart or cry
I avoid thinking about it
I drink

Question 8/10
Which word best describes you as a person?

Question 9/10
Which trait do you find most important in a friend?

Question 10/10
How would you describe your style in one word?
The actor that should be your sidekick when the world ends is none other than Jennifer Lawrence. First off, all of Jennifer’s training for the Hunger Games films would surely come into handy. She’s athletic, amusing, and all together ready to kick butt when the time calls for it. Secondly, her bold confidence lends itself to taking big risks and enduring hardship. That could truly come in handy during the end times!

Jennifer Lawrence
The actor that should be your sidekick when the world ends is Charlize Theron! We’ve seen Charlize in more than a few action films. While these aren’t real life, the training Charlize endured to reach that peak physical form is going to come in handy when the world is burning all around you. Not only is Charlize a kick butt action star, but in everyday life, she’s supposedly pretty warm and compassionate. This mix of tough as nails and sweet softness will help you get through the difficult times!

Charlize Theron
The actor that should be your sidekick when the world ends is Hugh Jackman! Hugh Jackman has the physical fitness, the humor, and the intelligence to motivate and keep the team together when the world is crumbling into ash. You’ll be able to rely on Hugh for physical tasks such as building shelter and hunting, as well as emotional strength when things really seem to be going to pieces.

Hugh Jackman
The actor that should be your sidekick when the world ends is Milla Jovovich! Not only has Milla starred in several films revolving around the destruction and chaos of a mega-virus/apocalyptic meltdown, but her tough as nails attitude, physical fitness level, and overall ability to transform could be just the things you need when the world is ending.

Milla Jovovitch
There are few people who would be more a more trustworthy sidekick at the end of the world than Liam Neeson! Not only would he be deeply devoted in getting everyone to safety, but he'd make for a strong and forceful presence who could subdue others with a simple icy glare.

Liam Neeson