Which Actress From The 1980s Are You?

Everyone loves a good 80s movie. The actresses were totally rad. Answer these questions and we'll tell you which one you're most like!

Question 1/10
If you had to choose, which supernatural being would you want to be?
Shape shifter

Question 2/10
Do you kiss on the first date?
Always or most of the time
Sometimes, if I really feel like it

Question 3/10
What would your dream job be?
I'd rather be too rich to work
Ice cream taste-tester

Question 4/10
What style do you like when decorating?
Very feminine
Sleek and modern
Charmingly old-fashioned

Question 5/10
Do you like 50 Shades of Grey?
I'm curious about it

Question 6/10
Which type of chocolate do you want to bite into?
Dark chocolate sea salt
Mint filling
Chocolate on chocolate!

Question 7/10
Would you ever try online dating?
I have done it
I want to

Question 8/10
What’s your go-to accessory?
Hair clips, bands, etc.
Sparkly jewelry
Colorful purses
Spike heels
Subtle jewelry accents

Question 9/10
Who were you in high school?
The wallflower
The cheerleader
The rebel
The theatre nerd
The flirt

Question 10/10
What did you wear to prom?
A poofy pink dress
A sexy black dress
Something unconventional
An expensive dress
Eww, prom!
You are most like Molly Ringwald! She was the iconic 80s actress that young women could most identify with. Her characters were realistic, funny, and ultimately won in the end. You have the same relatable charm that makes others admire you.

Molly Ringwald
You are most like Phoebe Cates! She was one actress every guy in the 80s had a crush on. Your sex appeal is too hot to handle! You’re great at flirting and playing hard to get, but you’re just as sweet as you are sexy.

Phoebe Cates
You are most like Jennifer Grey! She starred in one of the biggest movies of the 80s, Dirty Dancing. She often played tough, rebellious characters who did their own thing and never apologized for it. Of course, she was open to some romance, too.

Jennifer Grey
You are most like Heather Locklear! You like a bit of drama – or a lot. As the star of Dynasty, Heather sure knew a lot about being dramatic and glamorous. You’re already a lot like a movie star yourself!

Heather Locklear
You are most like Whoopi Goldberg! Her career took off in the 1980s and she could master both funny and dramatic roles, but she’s most known for her comedic skills. Your sense of humor is your most stand-out quality.

Whoopi Goldberg