Which Adjective Describes Your Personality?

Do you know which adjective can best describe your personality? Are you ready to find out? Take these 10 questions and discover just which word best describes you!

Question 1/10
Is your glass typically half empty or half full?
Half empty
Half full
It depedns on the day

Question 2/10
How do you think your parents would describe you in one word?

Question 3/10
What kind of friends are you typically drawn to?
Friends with similar interests
Friends that share my positive attitude
Friends that will try anything once
Friends that are honest and reliable

Question 4/10
You think that a rainy day is often....
An excuse to stay in bed
A good time to catch up on work
A time to relax and reflect
A good excuse to have friends over

Question 5/10
In your opinion, if one door closes....
It often slams shut
Another one opens
Open a window
It wasn't meant to be

Question 6/10
Are you a planner or do you fly by the seat of your pants?
I'm a planner
I fly by the seat of my pants
It depends on the situation

Question 7/10
Which dog breed best reflects your personality?
Golden retriever

Question 8/10
How should a perfect day always end?
With gratitude
With reflection
With a hug
With plans for another night

Question 9/10
If you were to suddenly get fired from your job, what would you do?
Immedietly start looking for a new job
See it as an opportunity to follow my dreams
Look into trying something new

Question 10/10
How put together is your day to day look?
Very put together
Somewht put together
Not very put together
The adjective that best describes your personality is affectionate. While you might not outwardly admit to being an affectionate and touchy feely kind of person, you crave and love to dole out physical affection. From hugs and kisses, to small tokens of your love. You're as affectionate as they come.

The adjective that best describes your personality is ambitious! You set big goals for yourself with the intention of meeting them. No matter how hard achieving a goal may be, you've got the ambition and drive to keep going until you say stop.

The adjective that best describes your personality is reliable! Let's face it, you're as loyal, reliable, and steadfast as they come. Friends marvel at your ability to follow through and always do the right thing. You've never once flaked on a friend or loved one.

The adjective that best describes you is upbeat! There's not much in this world that gets you down or makes you feel less than. In fact, your bubbly personality and love of life is what makes you so special. Other's can't help but feel drawn to your magnetic and upbeat way of life.

The adjective that best describes you is courageous! Life hasn't always been easy for you, but with resliency and courage, you've always made the best of every situation. You're never afraid to take chances and trying new things truly delights you.