Which Audrey Hepburn Film Is The Story Of Your Life?

Audrey Hepburn made some of the most iconic films of all time, but which of her famous films is actually the story of your life? Ready to find out? Take these 10 delightful quiz questions and discover your film match!

Question 1/10
Pack your bags! You're off to...
The French Alps
New York City

Question 2/10
What are you most passionate about?

Question 3/10
Which job appeals to you the most?
Interior designer

Question 4/10
Would you rather have own a house in the busy city or in the quiet rural area?
In the busy city.
In a quiet rural area.
I'm not sure.

Question 5/10
When you're having a bad day, what makes you feel better?
Going shopping
Getting a haircut
Enjoying a night on the town
Taking a nap

Question 6/10
Would you rather marry a nice guy or a flirty one?
A nice guy
A flirty one
A mix of both

Question 7/10
At any given moment, what would you like to be surrounded by?
A party

Question 8/10
What are you most likely to get in trouble for?
Bad language
Inappropriate attire
A harmless prank
Being late

Question 9/10
Would you rather find true love or be rich?
Find true love
Be rich
A mix of both

Question 10/10
What are you running from?
My past
My old self
The Audrey Hepburn film that's the story of your life is "Roman Holiday!" Much like the leader character in this film, you often feel stuck in your day to day life. You crave adventure, excitement, and romance. Luckily, you've got the confidence and the charm to go out and get what you want! Life is truly open for you, what will you do with it?

Roman Holiday
The Audrey Hepburn film that's most like your life is "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Much like the iconic Holly Golightly, you're a stylish and chic woman who seems to get in your own way. Though you possess much intelligent and wit, you sometimes get yourself into a bit of trouble. You fall in love quite easily, but can sometimes fear the journey of romance!

Breakfast At Tiffanys
The Audrey Hepburn film that's most like your life is "Sabrina!" You're a hopeless romantic who is always falling in love too deeply just a bit too fast. You're enigmatic and charming, with a mysterious nature that always captivates everyone you meet. Your story is a big complex, but refreshing in its true quest for love, happiness, and contentment.

The Audrey Hepburn film that's most like your life is "My Fair Lady!" You're a working class gal who is simply trying to make a way of it in high class society. Though you love the finer thing s in life, you're not always sure how to act around the elite. You sometimes get inside of your own head, feeling as if you're somehow less than those who make more than you. In reality, you're a true gem that anyone would be lucky to know!

My Fair Lady
The Audrey Hepburn movie that's most like your life is "Funny Face!" You're a very shy woman who would much prefer a night in with a good book than a raucous evening on the town. While you tend to keep to yourself and lead a quiet life, many people are drawn to your good looks and charming personality. Who knows where life will take a complex and beautiful soul like you?

Funny Face