Which Badass Female Were You In A Distant Life?

Do you know which badass female you might have been in a distant life? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and discover which of these amazing women you really share the most in common with. The results might just shock you!

Question 1/10
What was your favorite subject in high school?

Question 2/10
What do you do when faced with conflict?
I analyze and reflect
I attempt to outsmart the situation
I power through and think on my feet
I fight fire with fire
I use my words as my weapon

Question 3/10
Which city would you want as your home base?
Paris, France
Los Angeles, California
Tokyo, Japan
Chicago, Illinois
Vienna, Austria

Question 4/10
Which of these words do you gravitate towards most?

Question 5/10
What's your secret weapon?
My words
My wit
My sense of humor
My strength
My fearlessness

Question 6/10
Do you make decisions with your head or your heart?
I make decisions with my head
I make decisions with my heart
It depends on the day

Question 7/10
What motivates you to achieve your goals?
My friends
The bettermant of society
My family
Those who come after me

Question 8/10
What's most important to you?

Question 9/10
Who or what do you value the most?
My career
My family
My health
My country
My reuptation

Question 10/10
Pick an element:
In a distant life, you were actress Hedy Lamarr! Lamarr didn't must make an impact on the silver screen with her mysterious come hither stare, she developed the radio technology that eventually helped the allies to win World War II. Much like Hedy, you've got a vast intelligence and an unmatched curiosity. Though you might be very beautiful, it's your mind that truly leaves a lasting impression on the world around you!

Hedy Lamarr
In a distant life you were Eleanor of Aquitaine! Eleanor of Aquitaine was the Queen Consort of France during the 1100s. She was renowned for her intellect, vivaciousness, and for holding her own in court. Much like this famous badass, you're confident, bold, intelligent, and always willing to put your foot down in the name of what's right.

Eleanor Of Aquitaine
In a distant life, you were Katharine Hepburn! Sure, Katherine lit up the silver screen with her dashing good looks and quick wit, but it was her work off screen for women's rights that truly made a lasting impression. Much like Katharine, you're not afraid to fight for what you believe and and go against the grain. You're charming, whip smart, and totally down to earth.

Katharine Hepburn
In a distant life, you were famous badass Tomoe Gozen! Tomoe was a beautiful samurai with porcelain white skin, long hair, and charming features. She was an incredible swordsman and warrior, who put any man to shame with her skills and strength. Much like this badass, you don't let your gender define what you can and cannot do. Instead, you march full speed ahead towards the life you want without fear of judgement or rules. You go girl!

Tomoe Gozen
In a distant life you were likely Amelia Earhart! Amelia was one of the first true badasses. Not only did her accomplishments in aviation leave a lasting mark for generations to come, but her fearless nature and intelligence proved that women can do anything. Much like Amelia, you're not afraid to challenge the status quo and do what you've never done before. You're intelligent, daring, and truly one of a kind!

Amelia Earhart