Which Barbie Were You Most As A Kid?

If you loved playing with Barbie dolls as a kid, you certainly had a favorite. There have been countless kinds of Barbie dolls - there's something for every girl. Which Barbie did you enjoy and relate to most as a kid?

Question 1/10
What did you want to be when you grew up?
An actress
A veterinarian or doctor
A mother
I never really thought about it

Question 2/10
How do you wear your makeup?
Natural looking
Full-on glam
Smoky and sexy
I don't wear makeup

Question 3/10
What is your current hair style?
Short hair
Long hair
My hair is always changing

Question 4/10
What’s your favorite type of fabric to wear?
Polka dots
Floral print
Solid colors

Question 5/10
What did you like to do for fun as a kid?
Play board games
Run around outside
Make arts and crafts
Play dress-up
Put on shows for friends and family

Question 6/10
What color would you paint your bedroom?
Lime green

Question 7/10
Did you have posters of singers or boy bands in your childhood bedroom?
Maybe one or two

Question 8/10
Which Disney princess is your favorite?
Sleeping Beauty

Question 9/10
Which singer/band do you like the most?
The Beatles
The Beach Boys

Question 10/10
What would be a feature of your dream house?
An indoor pool
A huge yard
A clawfoot bathtub
Expensive electronics
A library
You loved to play with Malibu Barbie! Imagining beach adventures and wearing cute summer outfits was so much fun for you.

Malibu Barbie
You loved playing with classic, original Barbie dolls. The classic Barbie was just that – classy! You had great taste even as a kid.

Classic Barbie
The glamorous Super Star Barbie was your favorite! Living a celebrity life was such a blast. So many cool outfits and accessories!

Super Star Barbie
You had high aspirations even as a kid. Barbie has had so many careers, and your favorite dolls were the ones with a purpose!

Career Barbie
You loved to play with Bridal Barbie! Lots of girls dream about weddings and love, which made this Barbie your favorite.

Bridal Barbie