Which Body Part Should You Pierce?

Express your individuality by getting a piercing!

Question 1/10
Do you currently have any piercings?
I have none
8 or more

Question 2/10
Do you want something subtle or do you want to stand out?
I want something subtle
I want to stand out
I don't care

Question 3/10
Do you consider yourself a risk-taker?
It depends
I wouldn't say I am

Question 4/10
Why do you want a piercing?
To be unique
It looks nice
For self-expression
To make a statement

Question 5/10
Do you care what others think of you?
Of course not
Sometimes I do
Who doesn't?

Question 6/10
How into body mod are you?
I'm very into it
I'm pretty into it
I'm not really into it

Question 7/10
Can you handle pain?
Not at all
I have a high pain tolerance
I have a decent tolerance

Question 8/10
Would you rather have an exotic piercing or a common one?
An exotic piercing
A common one

Question 9/10
Would you rock something even if it wasn't in style?
Yes I would
It depends
Not at all

Question 10/10
Are you introverted or extroverted?
If you get a piercing in this place, it'll definitely make you look you tough. Not many people can pull it off but luckily you are one that can! This piercing requires quite a lot of confidence to pull off and it will give you an air of assertiveness.

This is a quite popular piercing that you'll make look amazing. Whether your piercing your nostril or your septum, you're sure to pull off this look. You'll have a look of elegance that's also pretty tough.

This is a risky area to piece but one that looks amazing if pulled off correctly. Not many people have the guts to pull it off but you'll do wonderful. Having a tongue piercing is like having a secret that you only show certain people.

There's a wide array of piercing you can get with your mouth and every one of them will look stunning. A mouth piercing is a bold statement and your not afraid to pull it off with some confidence.

A surface piercing is unique and very hard to pull except for the lucky few: You can choose this piercing to go on any part of your body and make a statement. You're always up for a unique challenge so this would be the piercing for you.