Which Card Game Are You?

Card games are fun for people of any age. There are many different kinds of card games, but which one fits best with your unique personality? The deck is shuffled and ready to go, so let's start this quiz to see what you are!

Question 1/10
Are you athletic or a fan of watching sports?
Both - I play and watch sports.
Neither - not interested at all.
I watch for fun.
I'd rather be playing than watching!

Question 2/10
Would you rather work with a team or independently?
As a team.
On my own.
I don't have a preference, it depends.

Question 3/10
Which makes you laugh the most?
Goofy, silly humor, like a Will Ferrell movie.
Dirty or shocking jokes.
Dry, witty humor that others often don't pick up on.

Question 4/10
Who is your favorite person to spend time with?
My best friend.
My significant other.
My family.

Question 5/10
What is your favorite non-card game?
Chess or checkers.
Pictionary or cranium.
Puzzles, cross words, things like that.

Question 6/10
Which kind of party would you want to be invited to?
A small get together with my close friends.
A big house party.
An intimate dinner party.
A bachelorette party.

Question 7/10
Do you like video games?
Not at all.
Love them!
From time to time.

Question 8/10
Do you open up to people easily?
Yes, I say what's on my mind to just about anyone.
No, only to my closest friends.
I'm sometimes cautious before I reveal things about myself.

Question 9/10
What age range do you fall in?
Under 30.
Over 65.
Between 30-65.

Question 10/10
Imagine your friend is late picking you up. How long can you wait before you get irritated?
It would take a while for me to get angry.
Maybe five minutes - where are they!?
I'd probably be more worried than angry.
You are: Cards Against Humanity! You're hilarious, and maybe a little twisted at times. Everyone wants you at their party. You're a pro at breaking the ice, getting people laughing, and keeping the fun going all night. This game can get wild, and you're down for it!

Cards Against Humanity!
You are: poker! Gambling, strategy, high stakes -- you like to live on the edge. You're clever and can outwit just about anyone. No one is ever quite sure what to expect from you - do you have a big secret, or are you just playing around? There's never a dull moment with you.

You are: solitaire! This one-player game is a classic favorite. You value your private time where you can chill out and reconnect with yourself. Who better to hang out with? You like a good challenge and you excel at tasks that require concentration and thought. You're intelligent and maybe a little introverted sometimes, which means you're very in tune with yourself. It's a good way to be!

You are: war! It's a duel! This game is as straight forward as it gets -- kind of like you. You like going head-to-head and you usually come out on top. You're great at competitive activities, probably because you're confident and can think on your feet. With that mix, you keep everyone on their toes!

You are: bridge! Everyone partner up! You're a fantastic team player and you have more fun knowing that someone else has your back. You are your friends like to kick it old school and you can spend hours just hanging out and playing a good game.