Which Celeb Over 40 Are You?

Much like these celebs over 40, you know that age is just a state of mind! Which celebrity over 40 do you share the most in common with? Are you like America's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
What would you get a friend for their birthday?
Something unique to them.
Something practical.
Something flashy and expensive.
A gift card.
Whatever is on sale.

Question 2/10
What's your favorite role to play?
Career woman

Question 3/10
What's your favorite romantic gesture?
Going to a cheesy rom-com.
Walking on the beach.
Cuddling in bed.
Getting flowers.
Receiving chocolates.
Having a meal cooked for me.

Question 4/10
Are you religious?

Question 5/10
What's your best quality?
My vivacious energy.
My loyalty.
My integrity.
My strength.
My looks.

Question 6/10
How are you with money?
I never worry about money.
I make it but I never hold on to it.
I'm great with money.
I consider myself to be very financially savvy!

Question 7/10
How many days a week do you work?
It varies

Question 8/10
Which 'F' word describes you best?

Question 9/10
Would you describe yourself as funny?
Yes, I'm a total comedian.
Sometimes, especially if I've been drinking!
Not at all....

Question 10/10
Pick a city to explore:
Los Angeles
New York
The celeb over 40 that you're most like is Jennifer Aniston! Much like Jen, you're a total sweetheart who exudes warmth, compassion, and humor. You enjoy the simple things in life and try to avoid the spotlight when it's not necessary for work or school. People see you as a laid back and California cool type of person who doesn't let the world get her down!

Jennifer Aniston
The celeb over 40 that you're most like is Sofia Vergara! Much like Sofia, you're a fiery and feisty woman who isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. You love to blurt out whatever comes up, even if it may be a bit inappropriate! People are drawn to your humor, confidence, and true sense of self!

Sofia Vergara
The celebrity over 40 that you're most like is Nicole Kidman! Much like Nicole, you're sweet, kind, and grounded. You truly love and value the life you lead and the people you surround yourself with. While you love to push the envelope and try new things, you're just as happy at home with your family just enjoying the simple things!

Nicole Kidman
The celebrity over 40 that you're most like is Reese Witherspoon! Much like Reese, you're a total spitfire who isn't afraid to speak her mind. You always stand up for the things you believe in and aren't afraid to fight for a cause. You believe in lifting people up rather than dragging them down. No wonder others can't resist your charms.

Reese Witherspoon
The celebrity over 40 that you're most like is Sandra Bullock! Much like Sandra, you like to stay out of the spotlight whenever possible. You hate drama and much prefer to focus on work and family, your two top priorities. You have a killer sense of humor and an inner strength that seems to know no bounds.

Sandra Bullock