Which Celebrity Mom Are You?

Don't celebrity moms seem to have it all figured out? Of course, the money and the nannies certainly do help! At the end of the day though, these celebrity moms are just like us. Do you know which celebrity mom you're most like? Are you similar to your favorite celebrity mother? Start the quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
What your go-to item on errand day?
Plenty of snacks
Comfortable shoes

Question 2/10
It's your turn to plan a play-date for you Moms' group. Which would you pick?
An outdoor adventure
Enjoying a glass of wine while the kids play outside
The local playground
A hands on cooking class
Decorating cookies or cupcakes

Question 3/10
Describe your style in one word:

Question 4/10
Which is your family dream car?
Mercedes station wagon
Anything with a third row
Anything reasonably priced
A small SUV
I don't know

Question 5/10
What hobbies do you tend to push your kid(s) towards?
I don't push my kids to do anything

Question 6/10
How do you usually wear your hair?
Down and natural
Wavy or curled
In a ponytail
Under a hat

Question 7/10
Would you ever get botox or fillers?
Absolutely, nothing wrong with a little upkeep!
Possibly, it depends on how natural it looked.
Nope, not in a million years!

Question 8/10
Pick a family photo theme:
A day at the beach
Farm adventure
Traditional countryside
A carnival
A sweeping meadow

Question 9/10
If you could only choose one life lesson to drive home to your kid(s), what would it be?
Always be yourself.
Forgive and forget.
Live and learn.
To fail is to learn.
Money can't buy happiness.

Question 10/10
Is mom guilt a real thing for you?
100% all day everyday.
Every now and then.
Nope, life happens.
What's mom guilt?
The celebrity mom that you're most like is Chrissy Tiegen! Much like Chrissy, you haven't lost your sense of humor just because you became a Mom. Nor have you lost your passion or interests. You believe that motherhood is all about balance. You're a hands on mom, but you also make plenty of time for you yourself!

Chrissy Tiegen
The celebrity mom that you're most like is Kristen Bell! Much like Kirsten, you're pragmatic, grounded, and funny. You're the type of mom who is equal parts fun and strict. You know when to give your kids leeway and when to set some major boundaries. Couple all of this with your killer wit and you're just like this celebrity mom!

Kristen Bell
The celebrity mom that you're most like is Reese Witherspoon! You're a truly nurturing and caring mom who tries to put your kids before anything else. Totally charming and sweet to the core, you can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to giving your kids the life you believe they deserve.

Reese Witherspoon
The celebrity mom that you're most like is Jennifer Garner! Much like Jen, you're a humble and salt of the earth mom who is truly hands on. You like to be involved in your kid's lives and strive to give them a truly wonderful childhood. You always serve up the best homemade meals and make sure to foster a love of the great outdoors!

Jennifer Garner
The celebrity mom that you're most like is Serena Williams! Much like this top athlete, you're all about showing your child just how powerful women can be. Courageous and strong, you're the type of mom who inspires and leads by example.

Serena Williams