Which Color Should Dominate Your Home?

Where you live should feel comfortable and inviting and that should all start with the color of your walls. What would suit your home?

Question 1/10
Which room do you spend the most time?
Living room

Question 2/10
Which one are you?
A night owl
An early bird

Question 3/10
You prefer interiors that are:
Colorful but soothing
Bright and bold

Question 4/10
Which word best describes you?

Question 5/10
What impression do you want your home to give?
Sophisticated impression
That it's a fun home
That it's welcoming
I'm not sure

Question 6/10
How do you sleep at night?
I toss and turn
It takes me awhile to fall asleep but once I do, I stay asleep
I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep
I fall asleep quickly but I wake up periodically

Question 7/10
You are drawn to homes that are:
Have a homey feel
Put me in a good mood
Are filled with personality
Have a cluttered but artistic look

Question 8/10
Do you spend a lot of time at home?
Not at all
It depends
Yes I do

Question 9/10
Do you care about your home being trendy?
Not at all
I do somewhat

Question 10/10
What feature would you like in your home?
Lots of natural light
Tall ceilings
A nice fireplace
For a cheerful and bubbly person such as yourself, the color green would suit your home well. It's a refreshing color that's associated with renewal and energy. Whether you go for a light pastel green or a vibrant like, the color is sure to reduce your stress.

You're a sophisticated and charming person and you want your home to reflect that. Grey has a cool and calming nature about it that is sure to make you feel quite relaxed. You want your home to make a statement without being too bold.

You want your home to show off a rather bold statement and to also mesh well with your optimistic personality. You're a social butterfly and the crisp color in your house is sure to bring you some self-confidence.

You're an extremely busy individual and so you want to come home to a place where you can relax and de-stress. You don't care what hue it is as long as it brings feeling of harmony and tranquility. There's nothing more important to you than enjoying your home.

If you have trouble getting up in the morning or feeling optimistic, the color yellow is sure to help you. It's a cheery and positive color that is sure to leave you feeling in a good mood. You can either go rather bold or go with a subtle hue.