Which Continent Should You Visit?

Where will you be travelling to?

Question 1/10
How long do you plan to be gone for?
A week
2-3 weeks
A month
2 months
3 months or more

Question 2/10
You travel to:
Make friends
Experience new culture
Just to get away
Relax and have fun

Question 3/10
What could you not deal with?
Constant rain
Scorching weather
Crowded streets
Dangerous wildlife

Question 4/10
Is language an obstacle while traveling?
Not at all
Yes it is

Question 5/10
Would you be willing to try exotic food?
Not at all
Maybe but I'm not sure
Yes I am

Question 6/10
Do you prefer warmer temperatures or colder?
It doesn't matter

Question 7/10
When it comes to accommodations:
I need to live in a hotel
I don't mind camping
I'll stay with locals

Question 8/10
Are you adventurous?
It depends
No I'm not

Question 9/10
How do you prefer to travel?
With a friend
As a group

Question 10/10
Are you a risk-taker?
Not at all
Yes I am
You want to visit a continent that's rich with history and culture. There's plenty to see in Europe, especially with the architect surrounding it. You'll feel enriched with knowledge visiting this place.

You want to visit a continent that can help you feel more spiritual. You want to understand how others live and find out all about their unique culture and traditions.

Nothing would be more exciting to you than seeing what lies in Asia. You'd like to see the tradition that surrounds this continent and how exactly people live with it. You want be enriched with their culture and knowledge.

You're looking forward to visiting a continent known for it's dangerous wildlife. You want to see what Australia has to offer you and if you can handle it.

You love getting to know new people and there would be no better place to meet passionate people. You want to see what this continent has to offer and you're ready to experience everything around you.

South America