Which Country Song Are You?

Are a you a country music fan? Did you ever relate to a song so much that you felt as if it was written about you? Take these 10 questions and find out which country music song was written about you!

Question 1/10
On a Friday night, what can you typically be found doing?
Hanging out at the bar with my friends
Hanging out at a house party
Spending the evening with my significant other
Out on the dating scene
At home watching movies and reading

Question 2/10
What is more important in life than money or success?
Finding love
Going on adventures
Having fun

Question 3/10
Your friend is having a hard time after a breakup, but you are happy in a new relationship. What advice do you give her?
Don't give up, there is someone for everyone.
You're better off.
Go have fun and find yourself.
Have faith and everything will work out.
Just live everyday for yourself.

Question 4/10
What word best describes you?

Question 5/10
How would you describe your fashion sense?

Question 6/10
What kind of music do you prefer when feeling happy?
Something romantic
Something with a good beat
Something I can sing with
Something inspiring
Something mellow/relaxing

Question 7/10
What are your thoughts on romantic songs?
Good if I'm in love with someone
I love them
It depends on my mood

Question 8/10
How's your heart feel right now?
I'm missing someone
I'm missing something
It's fantastic

Question 9/10
What's your favorite color?

Question 10/10
Who is your favorite big time country artist?
Johnny Cash
Dolly Parton
Tim McGraw
Alan Jackson
Miranda Lambert
The country song that was written about you is Kick the Dust Up by Luke Bryan!

Kick the Dust Up by Luke Bryan

If a country song were written about you it would be Loving You Easy by Zac Brown Band. You are the type of person that people love quite easily. You are sweet, passionate, and give off a warmth that draws people in. Much like this song states, loving you wouldn't be hard.

Loving You Easy by Zac Brown Band

If a country song were written about you it would be Save it for a Rainy Day by Kenny Chesney. You have a bright and sunny outlook that can't be muddled by pain or stress. Much like this song, even the worst of times can't bring you down. You save your heartache for a rainy day.

Save it for a Rainy Day by Kenny Chesney

If a song were written about you it would be Tonight Looks Good On You by Jason Aldean. Much like the song states, theres not much that doesn't look good on you. You are a fiery cool woman that can't help but burst with confidence.

Tonight Looks Good on You by Jason Aldean

If a country song were written about you it would be Something in the Water by Carrie Underwood. You are a sensitive woman with an immense spirituality. You truly believe that good things will come in time if you just keep faith. You have an immense strength that others admire in you.

Something in the Water by Carrie Underwood