Which Custom Compliment Do You Need To Hear?

Sometimes all you really near is a compliment made just for you! Do you know which custom compliment you really need to hear today? Take this positively positive personality quiz and find out. It might just turn your frown upside down!

Question 1/10
You believe your spirit animal is a...
A dog
A hamster
A dolphin
A lion

Question 2/10
What's the first thing people notice about you?
My smile
My eyes
My style
My kindness
My confidence

Question 3/10
If you were to watch a movie right now, it would be a....
Romantic comedy
A drama
An action flick
A musical
A documentary

Question 4/10
What makes you feel accomplished?
Lending a hand
Meeting a goal
Doing the right thing
Inspiring others
Giving good advice

Question 5/10
Which pattern would you most like to wear?
Polka dots

Question 6/10
A friend would describe you as being very...

Question 7/10
What time of the day is it where you are?

Question 8/10
Which ice cream flavor best describes your personality?
Rocky road
Mint chocolate chip
Birthday cake

Question 9/10
Is your favorite number odd or even?
It's even
It's odd
I don't have a favorite number

Question 10/10
If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?
You have such a big heart, that almost can't contain all of the love you have inside! With kindness and passion, you touch the lives of everyone you meet. You're selfless, empathetic, and always willing to lend a friend or co-worker a shoulder to cry on. Go you!

You Have Such A Big Heart!
You have a beautiful and contagious smile that can light up any room you enter! Not only do you emit positive energy that effects all those around you, but you can't even enter a room without lifting the mood of even the most despondent of people. Keep on being you!

You Have A Contagious Smile That Lights Up A Room!
You're such an incredibly humble and genuine person who emits an air of safety and warmth wherever you go! Not only are you down to earth, loyal, and honest, but you've got a knack for making other people feel totally comfortable and at ease. You're amazing!

You’re Such A Humble, Genuine Person!
That's right, you, and you are alone, are nothing less than special! You're one of a kind in every way. There's no one else on earth who is exactly like you and there never will be. Embrace who you are and keep on spreading your positive energy to all those you meet!

You Are Nothing Less Than Special!
You are an amazing example for other people! You exhibit amazing leadership qualities that others can't help but notice. Not everyone makes a great leader, but others always notice your values and ability to inspire, motivate, and guide others to their best lives. You are one of a kind!

You Set Such A Great Example For Others!