Which Dancing With The Stars Judge Are You?

Every "Dancing With The Stars" judge has their own unique personality, but which of these four judges are you actually most like? Embark on this personality quiz and discover exactly which judge you are! The results might just shock you!

Question 1/10
What do friends often come to you for advice on?

Question 2/10
How would you describe yourself in a word?

Question 3/10
How optimistic are you?
I see the world through rose colored glasses!
I always try to find a silver lining!
I'm somewhat optimistic!
I'm a bit of a pessimist.

Question 4/10
What is your best trait?
My honesty
My intelligence
My passion
My humor

Question 5/10
Which of the following would you rather do?
Be a performer
Be a teacher
Be a mentor
Be a commentator

Question 6/10
Which genre of music gets you on the floor?
Big band

Question 7/10
What first impression do you give off?
That I'm very open minded.
That I'm very proper.
That I'm very stylish.
That I'm very warm.

Question 8/10
Do you care about other people's feelings?
More than I care about my own.
I deeply care about others feelings.
I care a little bit.
I don't really care.

Question 9/10
How are you at handling criticism?
I can dish it and I can take it.
I use it to make myself better.
I take criticism to heart.
I'm not good at accepting criticism.

Question 10/10
Are you very detail oriented?
I'm extremely detail oriented.
I'm somewhat detail oriented.
I'm not detail oriented at all.
You're most like Len Goodman! You're highly focused on how people execute the things they do rather than what they meant to do. You're all about perfection, precision, and doing things the way they ought to be done. Though you can come across as harsh or judgmental, you always mean well!

Len Goodman
The Dancing With the Stars judge that you're most like is Carrie Ann Inaba! Much like Carrie Ann, you're a warm and compassionate individual who knows how to deliver criticism in a way that is both gentle yet impactful. You don't want to hurt anyone or send them off of the right path, instead, you want to help others to be the best version of themselves they can be.

Carrie Ann Inaba
The Dancing with the Stars judge that you're most like is Julianne Hough! Much like Julianne, you're all about delivering tough but constructive criticism with a smile. You're never out to ruin anyone's day. When someone asks you for advice or help, you're going to do so with conviction and empathy. You're truly the best when it comes to giving good advice.

Julianne Hough
The Dancing With the Stars judge that you're most like is Bruno Tonioli! Much like this judge, you have a larger than life personality and a love of having a good time. You live for anyone with passion and enthusiasm. When it comes to judging others, you don't so much care about technicalities as much as you care about their love and commitment to the thing they're doing.

Bruno Tonioli