Which Difficult English Word Describes You Best?

Which hard to understand English word describes you best? Take this quiz to find out (and don't worry, we'll define the word for you)!

Question 1/10
Do you have a large vocabulary?
I have an average vocabulary

Question 2/10
You meet someone new. How do you greet them?
I shake their hand
I hug them
I let them make the first move and then follow their lead

Question 3/10
While talking someone gets a fact wrong. What do you do?
I correct them
I ignore their mistake
I only correct them if it is an important fact that they messed up

Question 4/10
The party doesn't start until...
I get there!
I get home alone
My birthday?

Question 5/10
You finish a task at work. What do you do next?
Relax until I get a new task
Organize my work station
Look for a new task to do

Question 6/10
Which of these words best describe you?

Question 7/10
You earned a raise! What do you do?
I tell everyone about it
I keep it a secret
I throw a party

Question 8/10
Where would you rather go while on a vacation?
An amusement park
A beach
A museum

Question 9/10
Do you like to brag?
I brag about others, but not myself

Question 10/10
Do you remember your parents' birthdays?
I remember them both
I remember one
I don't remember
You are amiable! This means that you are a warm, friendly, and caring person. You are wonderful to your friends, and your kind attitude rubs off on people. You have a wonderful and positive impact on those who you interact with!

You are exuberant! This means that you are not afraid to tell people how you really feel. This doesn't always have to be negative. It means that when you are angry, you probably yell, but when you are happy, you want to party and spend time with your loved ones. You have a dynamic personality which is what makes you great!

You are gregarious! This basically means that you are the life of any party you go to! Some might even say that the party doesn't even start until you get there. You are great with your friends and strangers. You always know how to have a good time, and your good mood rubs off on others!

You are unassuming! This may not sound like an impressive word, but it means that you are modest. You aren't one to brag or even to complain much. You are great in your own right, and you are even better because you don't try to rub it in other people's faces. You are anything but annoying.

You are diligent! This means that you are determined to accomplish your goals. When you start a project, you see it through to the end. You are patient and you don't let stress get to you. You are also likely a hard worker. Your friends and family members are sure to appreciate this personality trait!