Which Dog Breed Should You Get?

Finding the right dog breed for your personality isn't always easy, but it is possible! Do you know what dog breed you should actually get? Take these 10 questions and discover which breed is a perfect fit for your personality.

Question 1/10
How big is your house?
It's pretty small, I live in an apartment (or similar)
It's pretty roomy with a decent sized yard
It's spacious with lots of outdoor space

Question 2/10
Do you currently have any children?
Not yet but soon

Question 3/10
How physically active are you on a daily basis?
I'm very physically active
I'm somewhat active
I'm not really active at all

Question 4/10
Which activity do you most enjoy?
Hiking or camping
Working with my hands
Watching TV

Question 5/10
Are you a neat freak or do you go with the flow?
I'm a total neat freak
I go with the flow
I'm a combination of both

Question 6/10
What's the main reason for wanting a dog?
They make home feel like home
Everyone I know has one
For the kids

Question 7/10
How much time do you spend at home?
I'm home most of the time unless running errands
I'm not home very often
I'm home whenever I'm not at work
It varies daily
I spend a few hours at home everyday

Question 8/10
Is it important for you to dress your dog up?

Question 9/10
Do you prefer a large dog or a small dog?
Large dog
Small dog
Somewhere in the middle

Question 10/10
What do you believe is your best personality trait?
My warmth
My confidence
My sense of humor
My fearlessness
My intelligence
The perfect dog breed for you is the lovable golden retriever! Much like this dog, you're kind, friendly, trustworthy, and reliable. Friends love you for your warm and genial nature.

Golden Retriever
The perfect dog for you is the French bulldog! Much like this dog breed, you are lively, spirited, and full of life. You have a true passion for the world around you, which you show through your positive attitude and love of life.

French Bulldog
The perfect dog breed for you is the pug! You're a bit on the quiet side at times, but for the most part you live a rich and full life. Though some may call you stubborn, you're as genial and compassionate as they come.

The perfect dog breed for you is a husky! Much like this dog breed, you're an outgoing and lively soul who loves to take risks and live on the edge. You've never met an adventure you wouldn't love to embark on. Why not bring this dog breed along for the ride?

The dog breed that is perfect for you is the corgi! Much like this dog, you're a bold and tenacious protector. When you love someone or something, your love knows no bounds. You'd literally do anything for the people you love the most!