Which Era Were You Meant To Parent In?

Modern motherhood has its perks but it's easy to feel nostalgic for the parenting styles of the past. Do you ever find yourself wishing you could trade places with June Cleaver or Carol Brady? Take this quiz and find out which era you were meant to parent in!

Question 1/10
When your kids run in hungry after school. What kind of snack do you prepare for them?
Ants on a log
Pizza bagels
Apple slices
Chocolate chip cookies
Yogurt and graham crackers

Question 2/10
It's dinnertime at your house. Who's at the table?
Everyone in the house
My husband and I
At least one of my kids and myself
It depends on the night

Question 3/10
What do you typically wear around the house when you're not expecting company?
A nice housedress
A t-shirt and leggings
Regular clothes

Question 4/10
How do you get the little ones to eat their vegetables?
I don't worry about if they eat them or not
I tell them they won't get dessert
I hide their veggies in other foods
I bribe them with TV or toy time

Question 5/10
Which hobby appeals to you the most?
Painting pottery

Question 6/10
Finish this sentence: Family is __________.
What matters in life
Annoying at times

Question 7/10
Your child cursed at the dinner table in front of guests. What's the punishment?
Sent to bed without dinner
Grounded for two weeks
Wash their mouth out with soap
We all laugh it off
A stern look

Question 8/10
Where would you rather go on a date your partner?
To a diner
Drive-in theater
See a live show

Question 9/10
What's your favorite family holiday?

Question 10/10
How do you typically tuck your child in at night?
With a few books and a lots of love
With a kiss and a hug
With a goodnight
I don't typically tuck them in
They're too old for that
You were meant to parent in the 1940s! You have old school sensibilities and often discipline in a similar manner to mother's in the 1940s. You are loving but you demand your children behave and listen to you the first time. You've sent your kid to bed without dessert on more than one occasion!

You were meant to parent in the 1950s! You're an old soul who appreciates the simple and homey 1950s approach to life. You love to serve your kids freshly baked cookies after school, help them with their homework,and tuck them in at night. When it come's to discipline, you're never cruel, but you demand that your kids be polite, respectful, and always on their best behavior outside the home.

You were meant to parent in the 1960s! While you're far from a hippy, you were definitely meant for this radical era. You love to be extremely involved in your child's home and school life. From volunteering at their school to getting them ready for the big dance, you want to be a huge part of your kids life.

You were meant to parent in the 1970s! 70s parents knew just the right thing to do and say to keep their kids in line. Never were they cruel or unjust, but they did demand a certain kind of respect. Despite being strong disciplinarians, 70s parents knew how to have a good time and let loose.

You were meant to parent in the 1980s! 1980s parents got to partake in all of the frivolity and lightness involved with this epic era. Whether you were raised in this era or not, you would've enjoyed bringing up children with the aid of new technological advances, amazing educational television, and the advent of easy to make and prepared foods.