Which Famous Actor From The 1970s Would Be Your Husband?

The 1970s were a groovy time for movies and television, when some of the biggest cinematic hits ever produced were released. These shows and movies also featured talented actors who are still thought of as superstars today. Which of these handsome, iconic actors would be the best match for you? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
What's your favorite quality for a man to have?
A great smile and deep, soulful eyes.
Fun-loving with a hilarious sense of humor.
A rebellious, unpredictable side - how exciting!

Question 2/10
What kind of movie would you most like to watch?
An action-packed adventure.
A romantic comedy that will make me laugh and cry.
A mysterious thriller that keeps me on the edge of my seat.
A musical with catchy songs and big dance scenes.

Question 3/10
Which activity sounds the most fun to you?
Singing karaoke - even if I don't sound great, it's fun to sing and dance the night away!
Going on a date to a romantic restaurant - I love to be wined and dined!
Playing a sport or game with friends - I'm competitive and love to stay active!

Question 4/10
If you were an actress, what role would you want to play?
A woman caught in a love triangle with two handsome men.
The hero who fights villains and ultimately saves the day.
A real historical figure in a film depicting the story of their life.
A regular girl who works her way to fame and stardom.

Question 5/10
What is most important to having a long, happy marriage?
Keeping things fresh and exciting, so we fall in love over and over again.
Spending quality time together, regardless of what we're doing.
Showing affection often, so we both know that we are loved and appreciated.
Being able to have an argument, resolve the problem quickly, and move on.

Question 6/10
How would you describe your kissing style?
Gentle and a little shy.
So intense it will make his heart race.
I don't kiss and tell!

Question 7/10
Who is your favorite young actor working today?
Ryan Gosling
Chris Pratt
Daniel Radcliffe
Channing Tatum

Question 8/10
If you had unlimited money, what would you spend it on first?
I would donate a huge amount to charity.
I would buy myself all the luxuries I've dreamed of.
I would buy a plane and travel the world, seeing every country and having adventures.
I would buy priceless works of art - or maybe a whole museum!

Question 9/10
What kind of wedding dress would you wear to marry this famous actor?
A form-fitting, sexy dress that will take his breath away.
A classic princess ball gown with sparkling jewelry.
A modern, simple knee-length dress.
I would rather elope and wear normal clothes!

Question 10/10
What's your favorite snack to eat at the movie theater?
Popcorn, so my date and I can share.
Chocolate or another kind of candy.
I sneak food in, like pizza or burgers!
I'd rather not eat and focus on the film.
This two-time Academy Award winning actor was in many hit films, often playing quiet, sensitive characters - but he could also play the tough guy, too. The stardom never went to his head, and you love that he has stayed down-to-earth despite his success. You also love his versatile talents and distinct appearance. You two would make an adorable couple!

Your 1970s Husband Is: Dustin Hoffman
You'd be swept off your feet by Robert Redford's leading-man charm. He was one of the most handsome actors to ever grace the screen, and the 1970s were the peak of his career. He starred in huge hits like the Great Gatsby (1974) and his career has been full of success ever since. You two would make one hot power couple!

Your 1970s Husband Is: Robert Redford
You don't settle for less than the best, and no star dominated the 1970s like Harrison Ford. He's the leading man of two of the biggest movie franchises ever (Star Wars and Indiana Jones), which means he would be your adventurous action hero! He's also known for being charitable, so you know he's just as caring as he is daring. That's the perfect mix for you!

Your 1970s Husband Is: Harrison Ford
Music, dancing, and being a little rebellious -- John Travolta checked all of these boxes when he played some of the hottest roles of the 1970s. He was a total heart throb and attracted women with his dance moves and too-cool attitude. You love that he's a a bad boy, and the two of you would keep the passion alive as you dance the night away.

Your 1970s Husband Is: John Travolta
Not only could he act, but he could sing too! David Cassidy was every girl's dream guy in the 70s when he starred in the hit TV series The Partridge Family. He is sweet, silly, and could serenade you with his guitar and beautiful voice. You'd have a groovy time with this tuneful cutie!

Your 1970s Husband Is: David Cassidy