Which Famous Brunette Are You?

Do you know which famous brunette bombshell you share the most in common with? Embark on this quiz and discover which famous brunette you are most like! The answer may just surprise you.

Question 1/10
How do you leave a lasting impression?
With my words
With my warmth
With my style
With my charm
With my wit

Question 2/10
To get ahead, a girl should focus on being.....

Question 3/10
Would you ever stay in a relationship with a partner who cheated?
I'd give them a second chance
I'd kick them to the curb
I would never speak to them again

Question 4/10
What is truly the best accessory?
A smile
A chic hat
A classic handbag
Good lipstick

Question 5/10
Do the greatest risks actually reap the biggest rewards?
Almost always
It's a gamble

Question 6/10
How do you stay young at heart?
I find the wonder in everyday life
I embrace my playful side
I keep a good sense of humor
I remain curious and adventurous
I see the best in others

Question 7/10
What type of sexy are you?

Question 8/10
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
5-10 minutes
15-20 minutes
30-40 minutes
50-60 minutes

Question 9/10
Does logic ever have a place in romance?
Yes, logic always has a place in romance.
Logic has no place in matters of the heart.
One should be both logical and emotional.

Question 10/10
Which perfume brand are you most likely to wear?
Oscar De La Renta
Estee Lauder
You're most like famous brunette Audrey Hepburn! You've got a light as air personality and a charm that others simply cannot ignore. People have a tendency to be drawn to your optimistic and vibrant outlook on life and relationships.

Audrey Hepburn
The iconic brunette you are most like is Elizabeth Taylor! Much like Ms. Taylor you're stylish, striking, and mysterious. You're not overtly open with others about your feelings and it can take you awhile to trust new people. The good news? Once that wall comes down you'll do anything for the people you consider friends!

Elizabeth Taylor
You're most like iconic brunette Natalie Wood! You're effervescent and intelligent. You value wit, wisdom, and the pursuit of knowledge about all else. Not everything can be taken at face value, often you need to look a little deeper. You've always understood this aspect of life!

Natalie Wood
The iconic brunette you are most like is Jackie Kennedy! Much like Jackie, you possess a quiet strength and resiliency that few others possess. In times of turmoil, you rise up instead of crashing down. You're intelligent, bright, and always on the top of your game.

Jackie Kennedy
The iconic brunette you are most like is Coco Chanel! Much like Ms. Chanel, you're a creative innovator with a love of design. You're not one to take things at face value. Instead, you pull things apart to make them the best they can be.

Coco Chanel