Which Female Stereotype Least Defines You?

Female stereotypes are pretty outdated, yet some of them still define us in everyday life. Which female stereotype LEAST defines you? Are you the type of woman who always defies expectation? Embark on this stereotype quiz and discover how you're breaking the mold each day.

Question 1/10
What is your approach to time?
I know when to move it and when to kick back and relax.
My life is fast paced, I try to squeeze everything in.
I like to take things slow and savor the moment.

Question 2/10
You walk into a room full of new people who you don't know. What's your first move?
Put on a big smile and talk to the first person I see.
Walk over to a place where mingling will happen naturally, such as the line for food.
Just hang out by myself for most of my time there.
Identify the nearest exit and walk through it ASAP.
It depends on the type of situation.

Question 3/10
My job is...
To take care of others.
The main focus of my life.
A way to make money.
A means to an end.

Question 4/10
In your opinion, a person's physical appearance is...
Not very important.
A reflection of why they are.
Just a cover to an interesting book.
Important and valuable.

Question 5/10
When it comes to food....
I love to cook for others.
I love to try new restaurants.
I love a bit of routine.
I have a diverse palette.
I watch everything I eat.

Question 6/10
If I have some extra cash, I always....
Donate it to charity.
Buy something nice for myself.
Put it into savings.
Pay off some bills.
Take myself out to eat.

Question 7/10
If I won the lottery, I would....
Go back to college.
Open my own business.
Travel the world.
Start a charity.
Move to a private island.

Question 8/10
It's most important for me to....
Earn my own money and pay my own bills.
Look after my family.
Keep learning new things.
Grow wise and strong.
Be a good influence.

Question 9/10
Everyone should be able to...
Stand on their own two feet.
Handle criticism.
Set a budget.
Have a creative outlet.
Be open and honest with others.

Question 10/10
What's your ideal partner like?
Bookish and well read.
Independent and self sufficient.
Sensitive and communicative.
Supportive and present.
Hardworking and presentable.
The female stereotype that LEAST defines you is that women are too soft. Women are soft and nurturing, but they are also tough and resilient. No one exemplifies just how strong and tough a woman can be better than you. While you feel deeply, you also know how to roll with the punches and just keep going.

Women Are Too Soft
The female stereotype that LEAST defines you is that women are naive. Not only are women NOT naive, but you're proof positive that women are savvy, clever, and just as in tune with reality as the opposite sex. You don't have a naive bone in your body!

Women Are Naive
The female stereotype that LEAST defines you is that women can't lead. You're proof positive that women CAN lead. In fact, they often make the best leaders because they are equal parts strong and compassionate. You're the type of leader that others can easily get behind, often due to your unique and dynamic personality.

Women Can't Lead
The female stereotype that you're LEAST like is that women are dainty! Sure, some women are dainty, but others are tough and tomboyish, proving that no woman is just one thing. You are not a dainty woman, nor would you ever want to be. You relish in being tough, strong, and able to do anything the opposite sex can do.

Women Are Dainty
The female stereotype that you're LEAST like is that women are too emotional! Sure, women can be emotional (that's a good thing), but they are also rational and realistic, strong and resilient. While you can feel deeply from time to time, you never let your emotions get the best of you. To you, every thought is deeply rooted in logic.

Women Are Too Emotional