Which Golden Girl Are You Come Sundown?

You might know which Golden Girl you are during the day, but who do you become at night? Are you a flirtatious man-eater like Blanche? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Your ideal night would include...
Spending quality time with my significant other.
Going to the jazz club for some dancing and drinks.
Cheesecake and an early bed time.
Curling up with a good book.

Question 2/10
What's the most important quality in a significant other?
A good listener
Age- preferably younger.

Question 3/10
Which oddly-specific Netflix category most appeals to you?
Romantic crime moves based on a book.
Coming of age animal stories.
Forbidden love mysteries.
Critically acclaimed quirky indies.

Question 4/10
What kind of cheesecake do you like?
Salted caramel
Classic New York

Question 5/10
Pick a late 80s trend:
Shoulder pads
Wide legged pants

Question 6/10
What's your signature accessory?
Lots and lots of diamonds.
Gold hoop earrings.
A broach.
A strand of pearls.

Question 7/10
Pick a fabric pattern:

Question 8/10
How do you wind down?
Snuggling with my honey.
A gin and tonic.
Cheesecake, obviously.
A warm bath.

Question 9/10
How would someone describe your sense of humor?

Question 10/10
It's your mother's birthday. What are you buying as a gift?
I'm just stuffing some cash in a card.
Something sweet and sentimental.
A nice dinner out on the town.
A diamond broach.
Come sundown, you're most like Dorothy! While you love a good night out at the town with your friends, you also love to stay in with a good book and a slice of cheesecake. When it comes to dating, you're witty, clever, and pragmatic. You don't just chase the first man that comes into the bar!

Come sundown, you're most like Blanche! After a good early bird special, you're all about putting on some musky perfume, donning your best sequin dress, and heading out on the town to find a date. You love the idea of love, even if it's just temporary. Though you're confident and independent, you don't mind playing the role of the vixen once the sun sets!

Come sundown, you're most like Rose! Sweet, good natured, and a bit on the innocent side. While you love to put on a pretty pastel dress and go on dates, you're a very loyal and monogamous soul. You don't like to troll for men at the bar and prefer to stay in when you don't have a steady mate. Whether it's a good slice of cheesecake or just a cheesy TV drama, your nights are pretty tame!

Come sundown, you're most like Sophia! After eating a good early bird special and watching some TV, you're all about a slice a of cheesecake and an early bed time. Sure, you might love to go out gambling or with some friends from the home, but you're more likely to be in bed by 9 than out at the local jazz club!