Which Hallmark Movie Stereotype Are You?

You might know you're watching a Hallmark movie if you see one of these stereotypes! But which Hallmark stereotype are you? Ready to find out? Take these 10 quiz questions and discover what role you would have in a Hallmark movie!

Question 1/10
Where would you most want to be stranded?
In a small idyllic town
At the airport
At a ski resort
In a big city
Who wants to be stranded anywhere?

Question 2/10
Which profession would you like to try?
Real estate agent
Travel agent

Question 3/10
Pick a romantic accoutrement:
Hot cocoa

Question 4/10
A typical Sunday morning for you is…
Going on a long nature walk
Heading to brunch with the girls
Snuggling with my pets
Running errands around town
None of these

Question 5/10
You friends describe you as…
Couch potato
Always Up for a good time
Up for anything
Easily distracted

Question 6/10
Pick your favorite flower:

Question 7/10
I am more...
Nurturing and calm.
Pragmatic and down to earth.
Romantic and imaginative.
None of these.

Question 8/10
Love is...

Question 9/10
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Not really
Of course
I sppose it could happen

Question 10/10
Pick a state to live in:
The Hallmark movie stereotype that you personify is having terrible babysitting skills! What is it about Hallmark movies and terrible babysitters? It seems like no one really knows how to take care of a couple of kids! Much like this stereotype, you often feel awkward around new kids at first. It isn't until you realize your own strengths and come into your own that you become the world's best babysitter.

Terrible Babysitting Skills
The Hallmark movie stereotype that you fit into is not believing in Santa! Let's face it, lots of Hallmark Christmas movies start out with the main character denouncing Santa. Be honest, do you believe? It's just going to take a bit of tricky meet cutes and miracles to change your mind!

You Don't Believe In Santa
The Hallmark movie stereotype that you fit into is being stranded in a small town! Why do so many Hallmark movies start with a lead character getting stranded in small town? Who knows! All we know is that it took you a long time to realize that you're really a small town girl at heart! You may have been a city slicker at one point, but not any more!

Stranded In A Small Town
The Hallmark movie stereotype that you fall into is having a failing family business! You inherited a flower shop or a bakery or an old time diner, but it seems like it might be failing? What's a girl to do? Follow your heart and that handsome stranger right into a fiscal and emotional turnaround!

Failing Family Business
The Hallmark movie stereotype that fits your personality is being afraid of commitment. Long term relationship? No thanks, you have been there and done that. You've had your heart broken one too many times. Now that you're finally getting your life back together, you don't want anything to do with love. Or do you?

Afraid Of Commitment