Which Hieroglyph Matches Your Personality?

A single hieroglyph can mean a variety of things. Much like people, they are always changing and conveying different feelings or moments in time. Do you know which iconic hieroglyph matches your personality? Take these 10 ancient quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Someone cuts you off in traffic and nearly causes an accident. How do you react?
I'm grateful it was a miss.
I'm laying on the horn.
I'm cursing and flipping the bird.
I'm glad no one got hurt.
I'm letting it go, nothing happened.

Question 2/10
Your boss asks you to work on the weekend, but you already have plans. How do you respond?
I accept, there's nothing I can do.
Make up an excuse.
Refuse to come in.
Be sad, but thankful for the extra dough.
Offer to work half a day.

Question 3/10
On your lunch break, where do you typically eat?
If it's nice, I'll sit outside.
With my coworkers.
I typically go out to lunch.
I eat at my desk.
I eat in my car.

Question 4/10
Most of the time, other people tend to...
Fill me with joy.
Annoy me.
Anger me.
Make me happy.
Cause frustration.

Question 5/10
Where do you often catch yourself singing or humming a tune?
In the shower.
Whenever I'm alone.
In the car.
While walking.
When getting dressed.

Question 6/10
If your friend has a bad break up, what are you going to do?
Take them out for drinks.
Be a shoulder to cry on.
Spend time with them.
Try to help them move on.
Set them up on another date.

Question 7/10
Are you an "early to bed, early to rise" kind of person?
Most definitely.
Some days I am.
Only when I have to be.
No, never.

Question 8/10
If driving wasn't an option for you, how would you most like to get around town?
Public transportation

Question 9/10
How often do you read a horoscope?
Every day, how else will I know what's going on?
Every now and then.
Every month.
Never, they don't work.

Question 10/10
What do you like to do in the morning when you're having your breakfast?
Sit and read the news.
Talk with my family.
I just eat and run.
I sit outside and take my time.
It depends on the day.
The hieroglyph that best matches your personality is the Eye of Horus. An ancient symbol of protection, good health, and royal power. The Eye of Horus is known to ward off evil spirits and keep bad things at bay. As someone who is known to protect others, this symbol truly encompasses your personality.

Eye Of Horus
The hieroglyph that best matches your personality is the Ankh. This ancient symbol was commonly used in writing and art to represent the word for "life." It is a symbol for life itself. You live a life full of wisdom and richness, thus this symbol truly speaks to you.

Your personality is most like the hieroglyph Tyet! This ancient symbol is also known as the knot of Isis, a symbol connected with the goddess herself. As someone who is deeply invested in feminism and the idea of female power, this is truly the hieroglyph that denotes your personality.

The hieroglyph that represents your personality is the rising sun! This ancient symbol denotes to the passing of time or a certain moment. You're someone who feels the passing of time quite deeply. Often feeling nostalgic for what was and what is yet to come.

You're most like the bird or swallow hieroglyph. This hieroglyph not only represents he animal itself, but small or bad moments in time. As someone who believes in learning from life's many experiences, this hieroglyph truly represents your wisdom and personality.