Which Horse Breed Guards Your Soul?

For thousands of years, horses have been one of man's greatest friends and allies. Horses work with us, not against us, which is why they make the perfect horse guardian. Ever wondered which horse breed guards your soul? Take these 10 questions and discover the horse breed that has been guarding you!

Question 1/10
Who are you in your friend group?
The mother
The clown
The mediator
The instigator
The planner

Question 2/10
How flashy are you?
A tiny bit.
Kind of flashy.
Very flashy.
Extremely flashy.

Question 3/10
Do you play well with others?
Not really.
As long as I'm in charge.
Yes, better than people think!
Always, I love people.

Question 4/10
How highly strung are you?
A little bit.
About average.
Not a bit.
I'm the highest strung person ever.

Question 5/10
Be honest: are you funny?
Maybe to look at.
Not in the slightest.
I'm a laugh riot.
I have my moments.

Question 6/10
Do people rely on you?
Yes, heavily.
I think so.
Not really.

Question 7/10
How injury-prone are you?
It depends on what I do.
I'm very injury prone.
No more than anyone else.
Not injury prone at all.

Question 8/10
What’s the first thing you drink in the morning?
Green juice
Something else

Question 9/10
How do you prefer to communicate?
Phone calls
In person

Question 10/10
What time are you the most productive?
After my coffee
Late at night
After lunch
I'm inspired randomly
The horse breed that guards your soul is the Arabian horse! Strong and beautiful with just a hint of mystery, your guardian seeks to ensure you always maintain your confidence and never lose sight of who you are inside. When you feel yourself faltering, your spirit horse brings you back to life.

Arabian Horse
The horse breed that guards your soul is the Appaloosa! Colorful and complex, your horse guardian seeks to protect your creativity and imagination. Some people lose sight of their dreams as they grow old- your horse guardian simply will not let that happen.

The horse breed that guards your soul is the Clydesdale! Strong and resilient, hardworking and ambitious; your horse guardian guides you through the ups and downs of life with true spirit and a sense of hope. Your resiliency comes from this guardians deep well of strength.

The horse breed that guards your soul is the American paint horse! Unique and effervescent, your horse guardian helps you to maintain your individuality and embrace your inner weirdo. Some people long to fit in and be just like others. Your horse guardian always makes sure you’re being your most authentic self!

American Paint Horse
The horse breed that guards your soul is the Andalusian! Mysterious and beautiful, your horse guardian is always watching and guiding, even when you can’t feel them around. Life can be tough and all of us are in need of some heeling. This horse guardian will always help you to feel protected, happy, and at peace with who you are.