Which Iconic Genius Are You Most Like?

Do you know which iconic genius you are most like in personality? The results might just shock you! Take these 10 questions and find out which iconic genius you share the most in common with!

Question 1/10
Which course elective are you most likely to choose?
Creative writing

Question 2/10
What do you believe defines success?
Self fulfillment
Meeting your goals
Changing the world

Question 3/10
What is your reputation among your group of friends?
I'm the late one
I'm the funny one
I'm the creative one
I'm the smart one

Question 4/10
Do you consider yourself to be introspective?

Question 5/10
Which section of the news do you read first?
World news

Question 6/10
Is your house typically orderly or a bit of a mess?
It's organized chaos
It's always orderly
It's a mixed bag

Question 7/10
Do you have a strong sense of intuition?

Question 8/10
If you could solve one of the world's major problems, which would you choose?
World peace
Global warming

Question 9/10
Do you often draw inspiration from nature?
Eh, it depends

Question 10/10
Why do you strive to meet your goals?
For the betterment of the world
For the betterment of myself
For the sake of accomplishment
The iconic genius you are most like is Albert Einstein! You're both insightful and innovative! There's not much that you can't do once you set your mind to doing it. Though you faced many obstacles in your youth, you used them to power you forward as an adult!

Albert Einstein
The genius that you are most like is Marie Curie! You're resilient and strong, with an unmatched intelligence! Even when the odds are stacked against you, you rise up and show everyone what you're made of!

Marie Curie
The iconic genius you are most like is Nikola Tesla! You're an amazing problem solver who uses your intense intuition to guide you in changing the world for the better. Even when the odds are against you, you rise up and prove to everyone that you've got it what it takes to do something great!

Nikola Tesla
The iconic genius you are most like is Bill Gates! Amazing intelligence is just the beginning with you. You also possess a huge heart which you dedicate towards volunteer work and philanthropic pursuits. The best kind of genius is a compassionate genius!

Bill Gates
The iconic genius you are most like is Mark Twain! With unmatched wit and amazing insight, you see mankind and society at large for what it really is. You never let societal expectations change you or influence you in a negative way. You're your own person through and through!

Mark Twain