Which Insect Is Your Ex Partner?

Some exes are just simply worse than others. Do you know which insect your least favorite ex-partner truly embodies? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Was your ex always faithful to you?
I'm not sure

Question 2/10
Which of the following applied to your ex?
They often put on one face in public and a different face at home
They were very guarded and private
They often expected more from me than I could expect from them

Question 3/10
Did your ex leave you for an other person?
I'm not sure

Question 4/10
What was your ex's most annoying habit?
Leaving dirty clothes/socks everywhere
Texting or chatting while having dinner
Critiquing your appearance
Laughing at their own jokes
Screening your phone calls

Question 5/10
How often did your ex surprise you with flowers or gifts?
I can only recall one or two times
I don't think they ever did this
They did this fairly often

Question 6/10
Did you and your ex split the bill on nights out?
We would take turns paying
I would always pay
We would split the bill

Question 7/10
Did your ex ever insult you or critque you?
All the time
Every now and then
Maybe once or twice

Question 8/10
Would your ex often ditch you in favor of other people?

Question 9/10
Did your ex ever forget your birthday?
I can't remember

Question 10/10
Did you feel supported by your ex?
Not once ever
It was pretty touch and go
Your ex-partner is the true embodiment of a giant hissing cockroach! These creepy crawly insects are not only awful to look at, they're a true pest to get rid of. Much like your ex-partner, this insect makes it's horrible presence known long after their welcome has been worn out.

Giant Hissing Cockroach
Much like these insects, your ex-partner was always good at disguising who he truly was and his intentions. The Giant Prickly Stick insect was known for it's camoflauge. The same can be said for your ex-partner and his often decietful ways!

Giant Prickly Stick Insect
Your ex-partner is most like a cicada! While cicada's may be harmless for the most part, they'er as annoying and loud as they come. When it comes to obnoxious insects, cicadas take the cake. Kind of sounds a bit like your ex partner right?

Your ex-partner is most like the creepy and often hated stink bug! Sure, your friends and family may have warned you that your ex was a bit of a stinker, but you had know idea just how bad he was until the bitter end. Much like your ex, these insects seem harmless until it's too late!

Stink Bug
Your ex is much like the creepy carwly huntsman spider! Not only are these insects creepy on the outside, but there's not much rewarding on the inside as well. Your ex always seemed a bit off and now you know why. They had zero redeeming qualities. Oh well, you live and you learn in the game of love!

Huntsman Spider