Which Japanese Candy Are You?

In Japan, candy is just a little bit more fun! Which type of Japanese candy are you? Are you sweet and sour or a little bit interesting? Let's find out which Japanese candy you're really most like!

Question 1/10
What is your favorite color?

Question 2/10
You find yourself at a party with a lot of people. What do you do?
Say hi to everyone and get to know them.
Stick close to my friends.
Mingle around a bit.
Try to make some new friends.
Me at a part? Yeah right!

Question 3/10
What is your favorite animal?

Question 4/10
What's your ideal vacation spot?
New York City

Question 5/10
Your typical morning usually entails...
Rushing out the door.
All the coffee in the world.
Hitting the gym.
Enjoying a hearty breakfast.

Question 6/10
How would you describe your personal style?
Bright and colorful
Bold and quirky
Neutral and classic
Sporty and comfortable
It depends on the day

Question 7/10
Do you like to write?
I write when I find the need.
I hate writing.
It helps me understand my emotions.
I love writing.

Question 8/10
What's your go-to lunch order?
A slice of pizza
A burger and fries
A salad and a sandwich
Chinese food
None of these

Question 9/10
If money and time weren't an issue, your new hobby would be...
Playing sports
Learning a new language
I'm not sure

Question 10/10
How do you feel about meeting new people?
I'm more comfortable around people I know.
You can never have too many friends.
I love meeting new people!
I have enough friends in my life.
You're most like Pocky! That's right, your personality is just like these yummy cookie sticks that come in almost any flavor you can dream of. Much like you, these little sticks love to mix it up and try new things. No wonder you're always living life to the fullest!

The Japanese candy that you're most like is Higashi! These super fancy candies are made with finely ground sugar and come in intricate colorful designs. Like you, these beautiful candies are all about making a big impression without looking too try hard.

The Japanese candy that you're most like is Chiroru! In almost every flavor of chocolate imaginable, these individually wrapped candies are a true delight. Much like you, these candies don't like to be put in a box, which is why they come in a variety of fillings to suit every taste.

These are individually wrapped chocolate cubes, dusted with chocolate on the outer shells, and stuffed with a creamy filling on the inside. As the name suggests, they melt quickly so eat ‘em fast. Like you, these candies have a hard outer shell, but a totally soft gooey center.

The Japanese candy that you're most like is Hi-Chew! As the most popular candy in Japan, Hi-Chew is a super explosion of fruity flavors and chewy texture. Like you, these bold candies aren't afraid to stand out or take on different flavors in life. Fun, adventurous, and all about having a good time!