Which Legendary Singer Could Be Your Husband?

What if your soul mate was a legendary singer? It's fun to imagine. But which great singer would you be most compatible with? These questions will reveal who would make the best husband for you!

Question 1/10
How would you describe the "type" of guy you're into?
Old-school charming
Lives on the edge
Down to earth

Question 2/10
Which is your biggest turn-on?
Pure romance
A little danger and excitement
Someone who plays hard to get

Question 3/10
For Valentine's Day, would you rather get...
An original love poem
A candlelit dinner
Candy and flowers

Question 4/10
What would be your dream honeymoon?
A trip to Paris
A tropical beach vacation
Somewhere very exotic
A ski trip in the mountains
Disney World

Question 5/10
For you, what is the best part of being married?
Starting a family
Having a partner in crime
Traveling the world together
Having a permanent source of affection
Making a beautiful home

Question 6/10
What would your wedding colors be?
Black and gold
Pink and white
Blue and silver
Deep red and purple
Rainbows everywhere!

Question 7/10
How would you like to be proposed to?
In front of a huge crowd
At the end of an expensive, romantic dinner
On a moonlit beach
I want to do the proposing!

Question 8/10
Which type of musician do you find the sexiest?
Lead singer
Someone who does it all

Question 9/10
How do you want you and your husband to get around?
On a motorcycle
In a classic car
Driven by a chauffer
In a private jet
On a yacht

Question 10/10
Your husband is performing tonight - where do you want to be?
In the front row of the crowd
Waiting for him in his tour bus
On stage performing with him
In a special VIP section
Your husband should be "ol' blue eyes," Frank Sinatra! He would 'fly you to the moon' with his smooth voice and style. There was no movie role he couldn't play or song he couldn't turn into a hit. You're a classic kind of woman, and that is just his style.

Frank Sinatra

Your husband should be Bruce Springsteen! You and Bruce are 'born to run.' He's perfect for you because you love having the best of both worlds -- all-American boy charm and rock star sex appeal. His classic rock anthems are the ultimate soundtrack to your love.

Bruce Springsteen
Your husband should be Marvin Gaye! This motown legend defined sexy soulfulness. A singer, songwriter, and musician...Marvin could be your everything!

Marvin Gaye

Your husband should be Paul McCartney! Few names are as well known as Paul's, and with good reason. He changed the music scene forever with The Beatles while bringing that adorable, eccentric British charm to the U.S. You two would have a blast flying around the world on his tours and being silly together.

Paul McCartney
Your husband should be: Elvis Presley! You like your men gorgeous, with eyes you can get lost in and who make you feel special every day. He could give you the glamorous, romantic kind of lifestyle you desire.

Elvis Presley