Which Lucille Ball Personality Should You Be For Halloween?

Lucille Ball has many personalities, but which one should you be for Halloween this year? Take these 10 questions and discover which Lucille Ball personality you're going to take on this Halloween. The results might just shock you!

Question 1/10
How often do you emulate the behaviors of others?
All the time

Question 2/10
When it comes to schemes...
I'm the one coming up with them
I'm the one going along with them
I'm the one cleaning up after them
I'm the one trying to stop them
I'm the one shaking my head in the corner

Question 3/10
In another life you were:
A vaudeville singer
A band leader
An actress
A war hero
A queen

Question 4/10
The best part of Halloween is always....
The candy
The costumes
The parties
The trick or treating
The makeup

Question 5/10
It's a rainy Saturday afternoon. What TV show would you like to watch?
The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Happy Days

Question 6/10
What's your favorite flavor of chocolate?
Dark chocolate
Milk chocolate
White chocolate
I'm not much of a chocolate fan

Question 7/10
Which city would you most like to vacation in?
Los Angeles
New York

Question 8/10
You've spotted a celebrity out and about. What's your course of action?
Run up to them and proclaim my love
Spy on them from a distance
Cordially ask for their autograph
Ask them to take a selfie with me
Give them a nod of approval

Question 9/10
The goal of any Halloween costume is to...
Look good
Feel good
Scare others
Impress others
One up others

Question 10/10
Which of these words best describes you:
For Halloween, you're going to play the supportive wife! Lucy was many things, but more often than not, she was a supportive wife who simply wanted to root for her man and see him do his best. Sure, some shenanigans often got in the way, but who doesn't love a good story to tell over dinner!

The Supportive Wife
This Halloween, you're going to be the scheming friend! Lucy may have been known for a lot of things, but she was first and foremost a schemer. With odd ball ideas and quirky costumes, Lucy was the queen of schemes and foiled plots for greatness. Channel some of Lucy's most humorous scheming alter egos this Halloween and you'll have everyone rolling in laughter! You've got the confidence and the wit to pull it off. Go you!

The Scheming Friend
This Halloween, you're going to be Lucy the factory worker! Go ahead and bust out your best chefs hat and factory uniform, you're going to work! Wow your friends at the Halloween party by becoming this famous Lucy persona. Grab a box of chocolates and get to chowing down!

The Factory Worker
This Halloween, you're going to be showbiz Lucy! Sure, Ricky may have been the one in show business, but that never stopped Lucy from trying to break into the scene herself. Slither into something ridiculous and sparkly and work on belting out your best off notes. You'll channel your inner showbiz Lucy in no time. If anyone has the confidence and gusto to pull this costume off, it's you!

Showbiz Lucy
This Halloween, you're going to be Lucy the Mom! People are used to seeing Lucy in a variety of forms, but few channel her role as a mother when it comes to costume inspiration. With your compassion and sensitivity, we think channeling Lucy the Mom would truly make your heart sing. You can even carry around a faux baby ricky or use your real children instead!

Lucy The Mom