Which Modern TV Mom Are You?

These modern TV moms can take on anything and everything with grace and humor! The question is, which modern TV mom are you? Take these 10 personality quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
How many kids do you have?
Four or more

Question 2/10
How would you most like to spend Mother's Day?
With my family
At a day spa
In front of the TV alone
With my feet up
Nursing a bottle of wine

Question 3/10
What is your preferred form of discipline?
Taking away toys or electronics
Taking away allowance
What's discipline?

Question 4/10
Who does the cooking in your house?
I do
My spouse does
It's a 50/50 split
We order takeout

Question 5/10
How do you comfort your kids?
With food
With affection
With money
With hugs and kisses
With a pat on the back

Question 6/10
What kind of car do you drive?
A minivan
A sedan
A luxury car
A station wagon

Question 7/10
How would your kids describe your sense of humor?

Question 8/10
What did you do last Friday night?
Went out with my spouse
Finished the laundry
Hit the sack at 9
Watched movies with the kids
Went out with my girlfriends

Question 9/10
What's your ideal family vacation?
A Disney cruise
A cross country road trip
A Hawaiian vacation
Any kind of vacation literally
A tour of historic landmarks

Question 10/10
What's your guilty pleasure food?
Macaroni and cheese
French fries
Ice cream
The modern TV mom that you're most like is Claire Dunphy of "Modern Family!" Much like Claire, you can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to dealing with your family, often proclaiming to have the answers during stressful times. You love to take control, manage the household, and get things done. Though you can come across as bossy, without your guiding hand, your family's life would be all over the place.

Claire Dunphy
The modern TV mom that you're most like is Lorelai Gilmore of "Gilmore Girls!" Much like Lorelai, you're an innately humorous and witty individual. You have a remark or aside for just about any situation. You love pop culture and tend to live life on your own terms. With resiliency and strength, you can conquer any situation life throws your way.

Lorelai Gilmore
The modern TV mom that you're most like is Rainbow Johnson of "Black-ish!" You're a highly drive, successful, and ambitious woman who isn't afraid to go after what she wants. Your family is your life and without you, they'd be totally lost. Not only do you take pride in everything your family represents, but you take pride in the values you're working to instill in your children.

Rainbow Johnson
The modern TV mom that you're most like is Frankie Heck of "The Middle!" Much like Frankie, you're often tasked with taking control of every little detail of your family's day to day life. This can leave you feeling like your performing a balancing act each and every day. You work hard to give your family a great life, even if it means sacrificing some of the things you want or need. Your kids are truly your world.

Frankie Heck
The modern TV mom that you're most like is Beverly Goldberg of "The Goldbergs!" Much like Beverly, your kids are the absolute center of your universe. You live to make sure that they are safe, protected, and having the best childhood they possibly can. Though you can often times be a bit overbearing and overly affectionate, your children can't help but secretly enjoy every second of their time with you.

Beverly Goldberg