Which Natural Disaster Is Your Temper Like?

Fear is stricken in to people's heart when they witness a natural disaster but which one are you like?

Question 1/10
If in a scuffle, how do you fight?
Dirty and cheating
With quick, fierce attacks
Try to walk away, plotting later revenge
Using your brain to figure out attacks
I don't really like to fight

Question 2/10
Would you say you have a quick temper?
Yes, incredibly quick
Quite quick
It can be depending on the situation
Not really
I'm not sure

Question 3/10
Pick an area to live.
On a nice farmhouse
Little cottage in the woods
In a nice beach house
In a cozy suburban home
In a lively apartment in the city

Question 4/10
Pick a favorite color
None of these

Question 5/10
What would you say one of your worst traits are?
Hot headed

Question 6/10
Do you hold grudges often?
Very often
More often than I like
Unless the person did something horrible
Not at all
I'm not too sure

Question 7/10
What would be your breaking point?
When someone gets in my face
When I'm lied straight to my face
Quite a few things make me hit my breaking point
When I'm too stressed out
When someone expects too much

Question 8/10
You've just learned that you're been lied to by someone you trusted. What do you do?
Throw a huge fit
Get right in their face and be nasty
Quietly stew about it until you snap
I'm not to sure

Question 9/10
Which of these would get you the most upset?
Being cut off in traffic
Being mocked
Being misunderstood
Not being taken seriously
All of these

Question 10/10
When you get angry, is it a blind rage?
Definitely blind rage
A bit of both
Subtle rage
I'm not too sure
One of the most terrifying natural disasters of the world, this disaster suits your temper. Just like it, your temper may be quick but it is incredibly deadly. People want to make sure to avoid you when you're on a rampage.

This storm is dangerous and irratic, just like your temper. Just like the storm, you ravage for awhile and then you are calm for a bit fooling those around you. That is until you burst out with another round of anger.

Just like this natural disaster, people want to stay clear of you when you unleash your temper. The only problem? Your temper is extremely difficult to escape.

Just like this natural disaster, your temper comes quick and fierce. People assume they can easily get away from your tenper?. They find out how wrong they are though, when they experience your cold, rampaging temper.

Just like this natural disaster, you have a quick and mean temper. Your temper comes quickly and will last quite awhile, hurting anyone in your path.