Which Of The Four Types Of Employees Are You?

You might think you're employee of the month just about every month on the calendar, but what kind of employee are you really? Take this quiz and discover which of the four types of employees you really are. The results might just shock you!

Question 1/10
Which of these would you be most excited about?
A six week vacation
Winning employee of the month
Donuts in the break room
Being the head of a new project

Question 2/10
Why are you late to work today?
I'm probably hungover.
Late? I'm never late.
The weather was to blame.
I overslept.

Question 3/10
You are assigned way too much work. How do you handle this?
I suck it up and get it done.
Ther'es no such thing as too much work.
I find someone else to do it.
I ask a co-worker for help.

Question 4/10
You simply can't start work without...
A big cup of coffee.
Greeting everyone in the office.
A meeting detailing my progress.
A big breakfast.

Question 5/10
Which of these is the scariest scenario?
Having too much work.
Getting called in to see the boss.
Accidentally sending an inappropriate email.
Being made the head of something.

Question 6/10
You have to choose between a hot date and a day at work. What's it going to be?
Looks like I'm sneaking out early.
Work, obviously!
I'd try to make both work.
I'm married, dating is in the past.

Question 7/10
Would you ever complain about your job on social media?
Yes, where else would I vent?
No, what if someone sees it?
Only in a private message.
What would I even complain about?

Question 8/10
The boss takes off for the day and leaves you in charge. What happens next?
I take the day off too.
Tell everyone how I really feel about the boss.
Do my best to jmake them proud.

Question 9/10
Your boss asks you what you think of their new car. It's hideous. What do you say?
I tell the truth.
I lie.
I change the subject.
I ask them to take me for a ride.

Question 10/10
How do you feel about after work bonding?
It'e essential!
It's the worst.
It's okay, sometimes.
You’re the superstar employee! There’s not much to say about you other than that you are loved and respected by all. You’re likable, hardworking, and dedicated to completing every task at hand. People see you as a winner, the best of the best, mile above the rest!

The Superstar Employee
You’re the team player! Teamwork doesn’t mean just getting along with everyone, it means putting aside differences for the greater good of your job. You’re the type of person who can always find common ground and lead a team to victory. Employers love you because you always get the job done and do it as a true team player!

The Team Player
You’re the loyal employee! Through thick and thin, you show up for work and get your job done. You don’t complain or procrastinate, you give your all to every project, shift, or person you encounter. You’re hardly ever late and never use all those vacation days unless necessary. You’ll be a loyal employee for life.

The Loyal Employee
You’re the social butterfly! You’re the employee that can almost always be found flitting around the break room or hanging out near the water cooler. You love to share a good meme via work email and never shy away from a bit of workplace gossip. Unlike some employees, you often spend more time talking than you do working!

The Social Butterfly