Which Perfect Pie Are You?

Think of yourself as the world's most perfect pie! What do you look like? Are you a total classic home baked with care? Perhaps, you're a bit more exciting than that! Do you know what kind of pie you are? Take this sweet quiz and gobble up the results!

Question 1/10
Which goes best on the top of a pie?
Whipped cream
Ice cream
Caramel drizzle
None of these

Question 2/10
Would you say your personality is more sweet or tart?
Sweet, for sure!
A little sweet.
A bit tart.
Very tart!
I'm in the middle.

Question 3/10
What's your favorite holiday?
Fourth of July
New Years

Question 4/10
What's most important in the pie?
The crust
The filling
Both are equally important!

Question 5/10
When out at a coffee shop, what are you most likely to order?
Mocha latte
Caramel macchiato
Black coffee
Green tea
Soy latte

Question 6/10
Pick a city to live in for three months:
New Orleans
Key West
Los Angeles

Question 7/10
If you were a nut, which nut would you be?
A peanut
A pecan
A walnut
A cashew
An almond

Question 8/10
Pick a word related to food:

Question 9/10
What's your favorite type of chocolate?
Salted caramel

Question 10/10
How long does it take you to warm up to people?
No time at all!
A little bit of time.
A few months.
A few years.
I instantly love everyone!
You’re a perfect pumpkin pie! With classic browned edges and a spicy filling, you’re someone who is grounded and authentic no matter what. You feel happiest when around family and friends, which is why you try to be a stable and comforting person who listens closely. Did we mention you’re also as cute as a pumpkin?

Pumpkin Pie
You’re a perfect apple pie! A classic and iconic person who is an old-soul at heart. You’re a big fan of upholding traditions and doing things the old-fashioned way. While it seems like everyone else is full steam ahead with technology, you like to take it slow and bring a bit of simplicity into your everyday.

Apple Pie
You’re a perfect chocolate silk pie! Smooth and luscious, you bring the charm wherever you go. People see you as someone who knows who they are and is full of confidence. You’re sweet, but not saccharine, humorous but never unkind. You’re a smooth talker who always knows the right thing to say!

Chocolate Silk
You’re a perfect pecan pie! Friendly, warm and sweet, you’re a cozy person who strives to be as kind as can be. You have a hearty sense of self and are truly grounded in your beliefs. You don’t follow trends or let people tell you who to be. You know who you are, that’s why you have so much to give!

Pecan Pie
You’re a perfect key lime pie! Bright, outgoing, and never shy! You live your life out loud and without apology. A total optimist- you can see the hope and inspiration in any situation. Even when others are stuck on the doom and gloom, you’re bringing the sunshine.

Key Lime